Dr. Tra-ill Dowie returns to Adelaide in June

The Lightest Touch by Dr. Tra-ill Dowie

The Lightest Touch is an immersive, two-day training on developing an integrative framework for best practice approaches to trauma treatment.  This training is suitable for practitioners and all others interested in moving into a deeper illumination of the realms of the psyche involved in healing.

Held at The Duke of Brunswick Hotel, Adelaide on 11 and 12 June, numbers are extremely limited due to covid restrictions and it is anticipated that this event will sell out. 

We’re pleased to offer a special price to all Healing Ground Collective members with early bird tickets available for a limited time. Book your tickets here – bit.ly/3luvRIw

Learning outcomes

This training aims to provide:

  • An integrated conceptual model for trauma
  • An understanding and definition of what ‘trauma’ actually is
  • A best practice, multiphasic approach to trauma treatment

About Dr Tra-ill Dowie

Dr. Tra-ill Dowie is the Chair of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Panel for Trauma Standards & Practice, the Head of Faculty at Ikon Institute Australia, and is a practising psychotherapist, supervisor and public speaker.

Dr. Dowie’s academic life and public lectures cover a broad range of interdisciplinary topics that relate to the human condition; psychiatry, psychotherapy, trauma, continental philosophy, philosophy of mind, anthropology, health and wellbeing, and human optimisation.

He holds dual PhDs, receiving a PhD in Psychiatry from Monash University and a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Melbourne.

To explain Traill’s impact on one’s life in a few words is a difficult task, as his impact on my education has been revolutionary. Traill’s depth of knowledge, style of facilitation and consolidation of multi-disciplinary topics in a streamlined format is outstanding and an honor to receive as a student in the field of the helping therapies. – Student, IKON Institute
Traill is one of the most influential trainers/supervisors I have experienced.  His passion, depth of knowledge and genuine care for the human soul, is inspiring. – Therapist, St Kilda

Training program rationale

The term trauma is ubiquitous in psychological practice; it is often used in a taken for granted manner in both research and in clinical settings. This taken for grantedness often means that the term trauma is used in a wide variety of inconsistent ways. These variations generate implicit assumptions about the nature of trauma and its treatment and create inconsistency in the field.  This training seeks to qualify and explicate this taken for grantedness and build a clear and explicit meta-perspective for both the clinical and theoretical dimensions of the trauma field. 

 Trauma practice just like psychotherapy more generally, rather than becoming theorised in a unified manner, has become dominated by bifurcated and specialised approaches generated by a number of key figures (Van Der Kolk, Ogden, Levin, Perry etc) or represented by a number of key acronyms (EMDR, S.E etc). All these approaches, whilst valuable in their own right, cannot help but create discrete schools of practice, ideology and thinking. This fact ultimately reduces the integration within the trauma practice field as a whole, which can compromise both case formulation and treatment practices when dealing with the complex area of trauma. In recent decades, psychotherapy has begun a shift towards integrated practice, influenced by the likes of Norcross, Goldflied, Prochaska, and Wampold and a variety of transtheoretical and integrative approaches to both conceptualisation and treatment have become recognised as paving the way forward. In the same way that generalized psychotherapy has required an integrating and meta-perspective to optimize clinical practice, so too trauma-focused practice requires the development of an integrating framework which brings together the key theoretical and technical aspects of the best practice approaches to trauma treatment. 

The condition of all truth is to let suffering speak.


Details and tickets

When:  Friday 11 and Saturday 12 June, 2021

Time:    9:30am to 4:30pm both days

Venue: Duke of Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide

Tickets: Early bird $600 | Full $650 | HGC members $525 | Student Concession $450

Book tickets: bit.ly/3luvRIw

If you have any questions or wish to enquiry about a group booking please email Deanna at hello@hgcollective.com.au 

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