Being on the Frontier

Our learning programs and teaching philosophy embrace the transpersonal framework

Being on the Frontier

Facilitated by Prue Blackmore

We are in a time of rapid and powerful change that is discombobulating, frightening and challenging in ways that humans have not encountered before in living memory.

All the old ways of coping and navigating are gone. And due to the fear engendered by the approach to the virus – we are also isolated and alone – separated from loved ones and familiar supports. We are on the frontier of a new age and a new way of being.

This program is designed to help you – in ‘Being on the Frontier’. How to write your own map to navigate your way home to a new way of being. How to connect first and foremost to your Self – through your Self to the other. How to navigate the fear, isolation and powerlessness to find the love that underpins all that you are. To let that inform you on how to be on the frontier with excitement rather than terror.

There will be practices and tools offered to help you do this – drawing from mental health, transpersonal work, shamanic training and healing, Buddhist principles and other fields of learning and experience – processes will be offered on how to understand and process the feelings associated with this.

  • How to organise your mind coherently to weave a pathway through this
  • How to utilise inner resources to create an outer reality that offers hope and possibility
  • Skills and processes to connect you to yourself
  • Through your Self to your family
  • Through your Self to the Ecology of which you are a part
  • Through your Self to the family of humanity – together – growing a new way of being – a new culture of connectedness – for a new age.

In this series we will cover a great many things and if you feel the call – come – for deep inside your true Self you are longing for this – even if you don’t yet recognise it.

  • Ways to be with and relate to your Self – differently 
  • Ways to be with and relate to your family members – differently – in genuine real attachment
  • Ways of being and practice that connect you to the ecology of which you are apart – even if you are contained in an apartment
  • Personal journey work
  • How to organise socially differently

Focusing on eight aspects of being – from where you are in this period of your life and how you are perceiving this to your relationships with your physical body, your mind and its machinations – mostly in fear, your heart and denial of emotions, the shadow realm and what is hidden within, your relationship with your sexuality and the great taboos of existence, your soul’s journey and your multi-dimensional reality.

About Prue Blackmore

Prue has worked as a psychiatric nurse and in mental health for over 30 years now and brings an eclectic and wide variety of techniques that facilitate clearing of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of the psyche and the problems that arise therein. Working with all facets of existence from conception to dying and death Prue has developed powerful and effective tools that allow clients to get to the source of their current issue and move them out of the field to restore balance to themselves and the worlds they are creating and co-creating with others.

Weaving many years of experience and training in psychiatry, cognitive behavioural therapy, principles of transactional analysis, energetic processes and healing from shamanic practice, shadow work, and deep immersion into the realms of the psyche in transpersonal paradigms – in the service of her clients. This work moves deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour, emotional overload in the face of crisis and existential issues of meaning and issues of hopelessness and despair that can arise in the face of this – out of the daily aspects of daily life – her work is deep and efficacious.

Prue’s insights and generous sharing has created a large following on social media with recent appearances on April Mahoney’s On the Edge (US) podcast and Aly Harrold’s Making Sense of the Madness (UK) podcast.

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A journey into the self awaits ...