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Opening CHI Portal in Sellicks to celebrate ...

the Neptune/Jupiter conjunct in Pisces.

I am in my Happy Place. 

I began manifesting the place that I live, when I was still a young teenager by ‘dreaming’ it up. I had a strong plan from when I was about 11 years old, to prove to myself and the world that it is possible to sustain myself and share abundance from gardening my own suburban sized block. Thanks to the fathers of Permaculture, Bill Mollison and David Holmsgren, for the passion they showed in the 1980’s lectures I attended on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where I grew up, as this was when I started to form my home/garden/life design.

Passive Solar was discussed, and resulted in me sighting the home of my dreams to take advantage of the Suns journey across the sky in all of the seasons of the year. Allowing Sun to penetrate in the winter to cheaply warm the house and keep it cool in the hot summer months using perennial vines trained on a frame built on the northern side of the home is brilliant. Keeping the soil planted up because plants keep the soil healthy and become green manure when treated right is another great idea of the permaculture fathers I have taken onboard. My vegetable garden is grown with love and provides nutrition and abundance all year round and constantly reflects to me the idea of how to live generously.

To strengthen my dream, I knotted my vision using macramé when I was 18 years old. First I crafted a huge World Tree standing beside hills that lead down to the water. I did not care if I was on a river bank or the beach I just knew I would be living beside water. I knitted a sun out of string that rises behind the hills to the East and splashed a little yellow paint on it. My little niece cast a plaster cottage and gave it to me as a gift, which of course was introduced to my macramé as the home of my heart.

The macramé took many hours of my time which was well spent crying many tears I had from the tragic loss of my daddy when I was just 3 years old. I was a sad lonely kid and creating was then and still is, very good for me. “Busy hands, busy mind with no idle chatter” is a saying from my mum that still works for me!  

Nearly 50 years pass, and I share my space with others making wonderful spiritual tools. Shamanic Drums and Medicine Rattles made with love in Sellicks Beach S.A. and I know that I am home. Our Mother Gaia needs her children in their happy place, with all they need to connect within. “As Above, So Below, So Below, As Above” is the principle to live by to elevate life to a whole new level, according to the ancient Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus. My beliefs align, and I believe we owe it to our God, our Creator, to claim our birthright and learn to live gently on our Earth Mothers Breast by finding our own happy place.

To this end, I became a founding member of the Healing Ground Collective set up in Adelaide in the 2020’s and have been studying ‘Being on the Frontier’ course. It gives me different techniques to learn deeply about what makes me tick, and teaches me how to ‘dance on the roiling carpet’ that can so often be pulled away from under my feet through different life experiences.

Module 7 – Soul – just opened recently and takes the Medicine Wheel seriously as a ‘Walk with the Grandmothers’. I have been using the Southern Hemisphere Medicine Wheel intimately for over 3 and half decades in so many ways to improve my life. Doing Geomancy Readings with my unique Medicine Wheel cloth designed in the late 1980’s, gives me direction, clarity and guidance through using Earths Ancient Wisdom Keepers most commonly known as her stones.

Working with this Module, I wanted to deviate a little from the course structure to advance my own learning. I decided to use the Neptune/ Jupiter/conjunct in Pisces astrology of 12/4/2022, to open a Chi Portal, Crystal Grid my land and engage with the 4 elements of the Medicine Wheel. I know that this is such a powerful thing to do, timing is right and all is aligned to support my journey within.

In my sacred ceremony, I was shown to a vibrant red portal and asked by stone #1 – placed rightly in the East – to immerse myself in the ocean as a gift to the 8 black stones that hold the Chi Portal. I know that, because I received a vision from the stone of me wearing my swimming goggles. This strengthened my resolve to work with water molecules, offering my love and seeking help and greater understanding from the water while immersed. I fully acknowledge my body as part of the water cycle on Earth, and know all the waters on earth are connected within the water cycle – so loving my cells and the water I swim in, spreads my love far and wide over Gaia’s planet.

I then travelled straight across the line of life to the West, to place stone #2 in the circle and the vision I asked for was received as a healing emerald green colour reaching up to communicate with the red portal. I also got an image from the cover of my journal and a feeling that opening my Akashic Records regularly will assist in moving my spiritual journey forward and is a huge part of my walk with the grandmothers. Through this inner work, I know I can rewrite my Akash to advance spiritually and only God knows where that will take me!

Stone #3 was placed in the South. I re-entered the Medicine Wheel from the East in my imagination and travelled along its rim to greet my physical body in the South, where I was presented with Orange and sexual imagery. I realised that dropping some barriers to my sexuality is still required. Even though the last Module in BOTF was working with my sexuality, I felt strong resistance working through Module 6. It really encourages me that Soul does not give up, that the Chi Portal being opened can break through my resistance, highlight my potential and emphasize the importance of my orange chakra, which I also know deeply as my creativity and feelings of safety on Mother Gaia.

The next stone #4 was placed in the North and showed me a vision of a bulbous mushroom with a really dark spot on the northern side. I first thought of it as damaged, but was reassured when I saw that this spot contained spores that will allow the mushroom to regenerate. It is the freedom to float in the Air unrestricted that new life begins. To me this message from Soul directly relates to releasing the control of my mind, to allow ‘flow’ with the river of my life instead of trying to paddle against it. Put another way, knowing the Outcome is not really in the game of life. Again, I thank the knowledge I have gained from working with the Medicine Wheel for so long and the element of Air with its intellectual baseload that highlights this principle for me.

My inner child I recognised in the South East through stone #5. She is growing through connection to the golden light language I saw written on the womb she was born from. The second image I saw from this stone was seeing her lay on the ground with her hands stretched above her head and her toes fully stretched and pointed. She was trying to be big as she could be. Her big smiles showed me that my little one really enjoys this process of opening up a portal, and that makes me happy and fuzzy inside too.

Stone #6 was placed in the North West, and as the smallest stone of the group was the one that I thought (emphasis on thought) was least suited to hold the portal because of its size. It showed me a space vehicle expanding in size coming quickly towards me, then stopping to rest while being surrounded by healing green light. This little stone is like the breath of the universe – breathe in, rest, breathe out, rest, breathe in, rest, breathe out and repeat…for infinity. Outlined is the rhythm I seek for my spiritual growth, which is not on a linear plane from here to there, but more like the seasonal aspects the Medicine Wheel brings. For example: enjoy a summer of action outside under the sun, then winter resting and snuggling within, knowing there are two equal seasons connecting and in between these extremes. So now I know in my walk with the grandmothers, I am learning how to pace myself.  

Heading to the North East #7 stone is also suggesting a gradual opening. I saw a pyramidal shape immerge from what I first observed as a straight line – highlighting that perspective plays a role in this learning. From a smaller viewpoint I missed the basic shape of what I could witness, had I waited before I made my mind up on what I was seeing. With healing green surrounding the pyramidal shape, I know this is as the grandmothers expect of me, so I am offered the chance to get things right and wrong and change my mind anywhere in between and it is okay for my thoughts and perceptions to be fluid and change as more information comes to me.

The last stone in this Chi Portal is placed to the South West and I saw a camp, prayer flags fluttering on my tent with a snarling wolf scaring away a Merkabah vehicle from space so fiercely that I was a little intimidated myself. The wolf turned and looked into my eyes and my soul intently to see if I understood the protection I actually have from unwanted influences. I also saw an Alpha Female Wolf and a sleepy fluffy playful puppy with more canines hanging around my camp, doing what wolves do. The wolves represent me learning lessons about life, like how to socialise in my community, about loyalty and how sharing is caring and to come out of my self-imposed limitations.

I placed 8 stones into my Chi Portal, a magic number that looks like the symbol for infinity. Gebo (who looks like X) is the Viking Rune for partnership that joins a circle above with a circle below, acknowledging the infinite potential of life on Mother Earth. I also put Mica around the outside of the portal – after the 8 stones were placed – to act as a mirror reflecting what is within the portal to my ‘external’ life and what is outside or ‘my experience’ to be mirrored within the portal. My Chi Portal is built to enable life experience to be transmuted into beneficial spiritual energy and I trust the potent symbology is readily able to achieve this goal. 

I love being on the frontier of life, maturing beautifully and growing, learning, becoming closer to my Soul and Gaia and seeing humanity with great compassion. My heart opens with abundance to the wholeness that is in all of the parts of my life. To say I am grateful to being alive at this moment in time is an understatement. So I repeat ‘I am in my Happy Place’ and there is so much more to learn from Soul.

Note: I did go for a swim, just after setting the portal, attuning to its energies and journaling what I had just experienced. In gratitude for my experience, I swam and played and turned summersaults giggling all the while.

YEAH fellow travellers, let’s celebrate ❤

Lisa Drury is a founding member of Healing Ground Collective and the founder of Geomancing the Stone

For more info about geomancy or to make an apt – give her a call on 0474 492 035

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