Galactic Moon Meditations – Journey in the dragon realm

The planet is changing as are we. Join us in very powerful meditations, twice a month – working with the Moon and Planetary alignments at each New and Full Moon to maximise the healing and potential growth available at that time. We journey with the Dragon Realm – who are returning through the ethers at this time of great renewal and awakening.

The meditations are streamed live via Healing Grounds Collective’s member-only social network platform.

Each meditation is recorded, so as a member you have access to a recording should you not be able to attend in realtime.

The annual fee for 24 meditations is $49AUD – this includes annual membership to HGC’s social network.

1 thought on “Galactic Moon Meditations – Journey in the dragon realm”

  1. I love the guided meditations and fully connecting with the moon’s cycles twice a month is liberating. Each time I have done it, I see my dragon better, more easily feel the love between us and connect with the Animal Spirit Kingdoms in ways that guide my life; giving me confidence in the decision making process of my business. I now face the “scary stuff” much easier. Thanks for the journeys and I recommend them to anyone.

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