Reading by Prue Blackmore

Meditation for Full Moon in Capricorn

To be held July 13th at 7pm [Moon Rise 4.07 am 14th ACST]

July kicked off with the flavour of the times of Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – an energy still flowing. This will have a huge impact on relationships – personal and global. And we have the dance with Sirius – long considered the spiritual Sun of our system – awakening and liberating. Both these alignments bring change and awakening – bring heroes to the fore – bring disclosure and adjustment to the personal and collective. The time for burying one’s head in the sand or sitting on the fence are long gone. And we were all feeling a little raw from June as it was right? Lol. 

But through the portal the downloads will come and our systems will process them. The recent court decisions from america – from the mad house that is now the supreme court – shows the turmoil is growing and getting ready to fall. The war by russia on ukraine shows a vast and oceanic restructuring as yet again east meets west tearing them both apart.

The weather patterns of the cooling climate as we approach the quiescence of the Sun over the next decades – ranging from great droughts to epic floods – from unseasonal seasons to deluges, metres of snow and long ice storms along with radical temperature fluctuations. There will be no one left on Gaia who will escape this – and many will be powerfully and permanently affected.
What is unfolding cannot be denied – the same battle lines are in place – whipped up in the same way they always are – in the same divide and conquer game. Nothing can stop the collapse and the rising power of the Feminine now. We are all responsible for our own part in it and if we do not assume that responsibility we will be got out of the way. It behoves us all now to stop giving power to those we have come to believe are powerful monsters who cannot be defeated – nothing could be further from the truth – patriarchal power is not real power at all lol.
 When Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 – all that was false, covert, dark and hidden – within ourselves and within the organisations we have allowed to rule us – will be revealed and eliminated. Pluto’s sojourn here will end soon as it will enter Aquarius – beginning next year – where it will dance on and off until 2043. So we are now in the death throes of authoritarian darkness as it prepares to leave the sign of governments, corporations, institutions which is trying to destroy the collective soul of humanity. Pluto is bigger than all of them and its energy cannot be denied – any more can the power of the Feminine – its transpersonal power is relentless and irresistible and as it comes to the end of its cycle we will see even more horrors exposed to bring them down. While people are still running around with fingers in their ears going lalalalala – thinking that may stop what is coming lol.
 On the 5th we have Mercury [mind] moving into Cancer [feelings] as well as Mars [action] moving into Taurus [security] and together these energies will again allow us to see what we value with the focus on home, family, tribe, security and safety – we will see what needs to be done and have the wherewithal to do it – the chaos of the recent past is turning to clarity about what is needed and now is the time to make it manifest and hold it secure – that energy flows here. We may as well knuckle down and get on with it – the old normal has gone – time to build a new one.
 And as we move towards the July 13th – second super full moon – rising in Capricorn – we may feel a little stodgy or stuck. Next month’s Moon is also a super moon and these three moons are much closer to earth thus enhancing the power of their alignments. It has been a pretty intense time rolling from the eclipse season lets be honest. If the result is that you have got a few things on the back burner, or have too much on your plate or unresolved relationship issues piling up – we may well be feeling the overwhelm of this at the moment. This is the Moon to sort it out. The energies support seeing things clearly, owning your part in it, taking responsibility for that and drawing clear boundaries between you and what is not yours. We are asked to step up and meet our own needs here and to stop the blaming of others – it was us that brought us here remember. It is ultimately clarifying and liberating – if not a tad exhausting.
 Sun in Cancer, Moon in Capricorn, Moon conjoin Pluto [Capricorn] amplifying and extending issues that have been juggled of late. Repetitive patterns of “same ol same ol” and conditioned emotional responses – exhaustingly digging deeper – no stone left unturned – until the 19th. With Mercury here in Cancer also you can be sure the communication switch is ON and you can predict with some resignation revelations may unfold – shattering illusions – altering trajectories – with Pluto’s involvement you can be assured whatever changes unfold – they are very likely to be permanent. In a Pandora’s Box kind of way.
 Arriving at 4.07am [ACST] in Capricorn decan 3 – the Full Moon in Capricorn – rises on July 14th – meditation on 13th. This decan – a signifier of extremes – from a time when all heroes, saviours and sun gods began their incarnations here. It is where the most brutal of human kind can be gentled by reason and detachment – the culmination of human experience evolving into self-realisation. As dharma is processed through incarnations humankind is encouraged to allow the spiritual to come forward and guide through challenge in worldly endeavours.
Keyword for Capricorn – “Lost I am in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back”…
Those touched by this moon may find themselves overly impressed by authority – fawning over what is “right” – envying those in power and desiring the illusion for themselves. Issues evolving here need careful observation – of your own and others motives – to ensure getting through this ok. Do not be looking at the world or charismatic peeps through rose coloured glasses here – the seducers are out in force. Misdirected loyalty is the favoured of dictators and can lead to a world of pain – so stay in your own lane – be wary of giving or receiving too much advise – unless trusted.
Pluto’s presence at this Moon is creating some heavy vibes and can ensure that machinations going on in the background may not match the spoken word and we may need to face some uncomfortable truths about our own blind spots and actions. We may realise that something has come to an end – a goal we were pursuing has ended – ideas and endeavours we may see it is not the time now. Trust whatever comes your way and let go – it will lead to better things. Mercury here at this Moon will ensure we will be able to communicate this well at this time.
Moon’s alignment with Uranus will ensure new ideas will rise into the public eye through rebellious types who have their ‘devil-may-care’ attitude to it all on full display as they reach a stage of saying ‘enough’. And the public – for whom they are often the forward speakers – will whole heartedly support them – even from the back row. It will also stir up the conformists and conservatives – but that is their nature and not to be worried about. It is a potent energy of becoming one with all – a dissolution of boundaries and drugs and alcohol will beckon at this moon.
Ceres at this Moon may bring mother issues to the fore and there has been quite a bit of this lately with the rising of the great feminine – the recognition that men are equally imprisoned by the propaganda and war of the sexes – the awareness of the hand that rocks the cradle – with all of its subterranean machinations unconsciously stirring the pot of pain. So trauma relating to the mother may rise at this moon – abandonment – absence – loss et al. This can add to a good work ethic when the response to such things can be directed into healing or care for the vulnerable.
 Sulaphat is the Fixed Star at 21 degrees – situated in the claws of the vulture in the Constellation of Lyra – holding the Harp. It brings poetry and music – science and art – a creative juju to the Moon – with shades of theft involved – be mindful of temptation.
The Capricorn Super Full Moon is in truth a heavy one – but with hidden depths and absolute gems if you wish to plunge into the depths and then climb again the mountain with the prize that provides the guiding light to the next goal. On the same day we have Venus trine Saturn – allowing for a clear assessment of relationships and how or if they go forward – and Mercury sextile Uranus – meaning new insights, intuitions information or dreams may unfold in unexpected and delightful ways – keep your mind open.
The following day we have Venus square Neptune and this can have us second guess all we have been through – inclined to listen to the voice of doubt – in a word – don’t. Poor self image goes with this – including a little paranoia and this can impact on relationships – romantic – family – work etc – and many distortions and illusions can flow from this so be mindful to examine all things clearly and not to go off half cocked over something that is likely to embarrass you a few days later. It really does provide a lens that distorts everything so not a good time to make decisions about love or security. You could be completely blindsided by a new charismatic lover or cult leader – suffice it to say it is easy to be deluded here so be mindful.
On the 19th everything notches up a tad as Mercury enters the majesty of Leo – followed closely by the Sun on the 22nd – on the 18th Venus enters emotional Cancer and on the 19th Chiro stations retrograde in Aries there is a New Moon in Leo to finish the month.
Chiron in Aries – the generational wound exposer – for those born late 60’s to mid 70’s born – has all touched by it – see your own chart as to where that lies – to turn inward for reflection and processing of the external triggers that we have recently encountered. Do the work as this rises – get help if needed – this is the point of it remember. Focus on journaling, dreams, therapy, art work until December this year when it stations direct. Because of other players you may feel compelled to tear into this – rip the bandage off – get it done – but these early wounds are complex and have lots of non-verbal elements to them and so it is better to approach this wisely and from the observer position and not rush in where angels fear to tread etc. These are deep things and require time and space by yourself to process things properly. It you do this well you will move forward well from here.
Jupiter – also in Aries – will station retrograde from July 28th to November 23rd and this will expand the need to resolve carefully and well the wounds that will arise from this moon and the aftermath. Now is the time to deal with your inner demons once and for all. Pay attention here dear ones – for anything you resolve or witness without drama now – by December you will be able to let go of any narrative that binds you agonisingly to an old way of being that has held you back for far too long. With this you will be able to step into your more authentic nature and cut ties at that time with toxic people – toxic habits – that weaken and bind you. To eliminate that which no longer serves.
This is supported just before the New Moon in Leo on the 28th by Venus – moving into Cancer on the 18th – conjunct Black Moon Lilith – will help put the spotlight on any unresolved issues in relationship and haul them out from under the rug. It gives us the oomph to sort things out and on the global stage we are going to see a big upswing in demands for women’s right to free health and greater respect when it comes to authority over their own bodies.
One of the big cosmic energies of the month culminates on the 31st – although it has had a big influence all month and this is Uranus conjunct North Node. Mars joining in here for a few days makes this an extremely rare line up that will not be seen again in any of our lifetimes. Personally and collectively it is made to bring us to place our feet on the highest path. By whatever means necessary. It is why some of you are so exhausted at the moment – you are pulling the sleepwalking masses with you – so in truth yes – you are doing more than your share at the moment – and you knew that coming in.
Uranus [awakening] conjunct North Node [highest destiny] will stir things up and have been all month – it makes everything seem surreal and unstable and illusionary – as it is. Expect it to play out in these areas due to where they lie. Finances, agriculture, food security, environmental issues or disasters, relationships – especially re heart break, self worth, values. Mars here can really fire it up. Revolutions and rebellions are likely to rise here. Interestingly the “Sabian” symbol for this alignment at 18 degrees is “a new continent rising out of the ocean” – an awakening indeed dear ones. It is all designed to awaken us from the story – and it will do it in whatever shocking ways are required. It is designed to help us break free from artificial restrictions and set our own clear boundaries. It is like Kundalini energy – activating all the energy centres – stimulating the pineal gland or 3rd eye in particular – for new and powerful ideas.
Prue has worked in the field of psychiatry and mental health for over 30 years now and brings an eclectic and wide variety of techniques that facilitate clearing of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of the psyche and the problems that arise therein.
Working with all facets of existence from conception to dying and death Prue has developed powerful and effective tools that allow clients to get to the source of their current issue and move them out of the field to restore balance to themselves and the worlds they are creating and co-creating with others.
Weaving many years of experience and training in psychiatry, cognitive behavioural therapy, principles of transactional analysis, energetic processes and healing from shamanic practice, shadow work, and deep immersion into the realms of the psyche in transpersonal paradigms – in the service of her clients.
This work moves deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour, emotional overload in the face of crisis and existential issues of meaning and issues of hopelessness and despair that can arise in the face of this – out of the daily aspects of daily life – her work is deep and efficacious.
You can contact Prue on 0419819089 for individual sessions in person or online or at
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