Feng Fest 2022 – Sat 15 January

Feng Fest 2022 - Sat 15 January

Year of the Black Water Tiger

Presented by Julie Machell and Prue Blackmore

On Saturday 15 January 2022, we will present our annual Feng Fest to provide information on how to prepare your home, office and business for protection against the flying bad luck stars of the year ahead and also information on how to enhance the flying good luck stars. 

This information changes year to year and Julie Machel has yet again studied with Lillian Tu [Feng Shui expert extraordinaire] to learn all we need to know for the Year of the Tiger.

In December there will be a post up for the astrology for the year ahead – also the Chaldean numerology in this universal year of the Number 6 – and what to expect from the Year of the Water Tiger. This will include the astrology from the Western paradigms on what to expect from the Harmony of the Spheres for the year 2022.

But for now, come along to our fun and informative Feng Fest 2022 to be held at the fabulous Duke of Brunswick Hotel in Gilbert Street, Adelaide – where you are welcome to stay and join us for a delicious lunch at the only coeliac friendly hotel in South Australia – gluten intolerant peeps can literally eat everything on the menu – even the beer!

Feng Shui is the science that studies the vibrational energies inside the home and office and for over 6,000 years these formulas have been studied and perfected. 

Based on measurements, calculations, directions, elements, with the human being the interface with it all – between the internal specific environment and the ambient external one. Between these two there is an ongoing exchange of energies and vibrations, signals and stimulus response principles that is sorted and conducted according to the cyclical rhythms of the reality of which we are a part. 

So as always in January we will be doing the Feng Fest for the year ahead to give you all the tips on what you need to know for Career, Love, Wealth, and Health and Happiness for your animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac that your year of birth determines within the system. 

The Flying Stars formula is based on the cardinal directions divided into 9 sections of any building, land or house. They will determine – along with the elements of fire, earth, metal, wood and water – where the good luck and bad luck energies for the year ahead lie and how to cure the bad and enhance the good. This system can very powerfully affect fortunes and health when taken care of. 

Feng Fest 2022 will teach you all about these and how best to sort them for your home and office for the best financial, health, relationship outcomes for the year ahead, for ourselves, our business and our loved ones.  We are going to need all the help we can get for this one lol.

There will also be a deep meditation at the end to release all the baggage accumulated this year ending to ensure you are off to a fresh start.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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