Feng Fest 2021

Feng Fest 2021 – Year of the Yin Metal Ox

Sat 23 January 10am – 1pm

presented by Julie Machell and Prue Blackmore, Thrive by Design

Well what a year 2020 has turned out to be – fitting well the astrological paradigms of this remarkable time on planet Earth. The world has changed forever – in some ways overtly obvious and in other ways deeper but more hidden as we move to the Age of Aquarius before the Year of the Metal Ox begins on 4 February 2021.

We will be holding our annual Feng Fest at the Duke of Brunswick Hotel in Adelaide on 23 January 2021. Numbers are limited due to covid restrictions, so book early to ensure your place at this annual event of preparing your home and business for best outcome regarding your health, wealth, relationships and wellbeing for 2021.

The Year of the Rat just coming to a close which signifies renewal and the opportunity to evolve and have success in new ventures has certainly provided that however not in the ways anyone anticipated – however despite appearances to the contrary – we have indeed been offered an opportunity to change the world for the better.

As we now enter the year of the Yin Metal Ox [each Chinese zodiac year is influenced by one of the five elements also] the message is pretty clear.  Success is here for those who are willing to those who work really hard. Yin Metal symbolises the lungs so as we continue to wrestle with the global pandemic – irrespective of what you believe about that – it is important to have plenty of fresh air and practice basic hygiene, while boosting your immune system, to care for yourself and your loved ones well. The Yin energy will have us feel the weight of our responsibilities this year also. To double down on our efforts to achieve anything and if we do – we will do well.

The global allocation of the Flying Stars for 2021 indicates that some countries will do more favourable than others in the year of change and movement. Most nations will be preoccupied with attempts to rebuild after 2020 however it may be – that other interesting things are offered to humanity to deal with. Countries negatively influenced by the flying stars are south-east Asia, India, southwest USA, Canada, Russia. Favourable influences benefit Europe, Australia, South America, Africa, Japan and China.

If you apply yourself this coming year and are hard-working and focused then 2021 will pay dividends personally and business-wise and in doing this be generous and creative with your talents. Those who plan to cruise through this year will not do well in the same way. The ox is a hard-working animal – pay attention to that. If you are prepared to apply yourself and be flexible then all animal signs will benefit from this. There is a fair amount of hostility around as well so you will do better to find a compromise and utilise patience rather than going into conflict.

The year of the Yin Metal Ox is a great one for marriage and partnerships and families – it is an auspicious year to marry and if you are single and looking? Then trust this may be your year to meet someone special. If you are already in a relationship it is a great year to add some romance and greater awareness of your partner and this will bring great results. Let your family be the guide for all your decisions this year – it will benefit all. Colours this year are red and green to provide the energies needed to balance out the elements and ensure good luck.

So understanding how the Flying Stars lie as they enter your home this year – what it means – what are the cures for the negative stars and the enhancers for the good stars – is important to allow you to maximise the opportunities that await in 2021. We do the annual Feng Fest each year to allow you to understand what it means for you personally, to take advantage of what lies ahead for your sign and your home.

It will be important to have all this information, to allow you to prepare and maximise the energies, to declutter your house in readiness – to spring clean before February 4 – to fill the house with flowers and have your bag of oranges ready to roll into your house on that auspicious day.

Feng Shui examines the characteristics of the Qi energy of the year ahead – is it cheerful or angry or other influences. Metal energy indicates change and significant shifts in economic outlook – possibly changes in the way the economy works. Big change is afoot this year – no matter which system you look at it from – it is simply useful to be aware of energies are out there.

The Metal Ox year brings good friends and also formidable foes so we will see an uptick of polarity this year also. Competition will be tough however with good friends and allies and a willingness to remain focused and disciplined then all can do well. work at your alliances and friendships – the last few years have seen a big clearing of the deck of toxic relationships – and those left are worth keeping this year – a lost friend can make a formidable enemy this year. Just be mindful of co-operation as it will serve you much better than thoughtlessly alienating peeps with careless words – skins are thin, memories are long and grudges held in 2021.

Join Julie Machell – Feng Shui practitioner trained by Lillian Too and Prue Blackmore – transpersonal counsellor – to learn about the stars ahead and to go through a process of eliminating all blockages held within you – that would prevent you maximising the potential of the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.

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