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Throughout her life, Sarah experienced visitations and sensations that were outside of normal human experience. This gave her a unique world view on life – death and dying and beyond. Accepting this unique ability has led her to recognise her innate capacity to deal with the death and dying process.

Death is an important part of life and is a journey to be honoured and celebrated. Sarah’s open and honest approach to death and dying provides comfort to those engaged with her as they approach their end of life, and also to their loved ones. She creates a healing and positive environment and provides comfort in the knowledge that their loved one has arrived at a place of calm and serenity for the next phase of their evolution – wherever it may take them.

As a Deathwalker, Sarah provides support and guidance by walking alongside those recently passed as they embark on their sacred journey. She creates a soothing, safe space to assist the soul’s transition onto the next stage.

Sarah feels privileged to work in this space. She is passionate about alleviating and dispelling fears and anxieties surrounding death. Sarah supports the deceased and their loved ones through the calming transition from one point of existence to many.

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