Rosemary’s love of assisting people to actualise their Human Potential drives her to be the best she can be – so she is the best for her clients. Vast life experiences and many different studies allow Rosemary to bring diverse methods, modalities and techniques to her sessions. Rosemary’s unique techniques help shift a person’s negative thoughts and emotions to create a completely new and larger perspective of life – developed over nearly 20 years of practice.

Using a combination of holistic Psychonomy and Psychology, BodyTalk and Counselling, Rosemary works holistically with the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit. Working towards actualising a person’s human potential, alleviating anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, drug addiction, including alcohol and cigarettes and negative beliefs, have all been successfully alleviated.

Rosemary works effectively with relationships creating change within the family dynamic and family relationships. Many of her client’s experience a ‘whole life’ change after only a couple of sessions – relationships improve, businesses grow and the ability to resolve issues is made so much easier. Rosemary works with adults, teenagers and children and often works with the whole family in individual sessions.

Rosemary also has the advantage of working on the physical body using Therapeutic Massage, Eastern and Western Cupping, Lyapko Therapy and BodyTalk to remove physical pain and trauma out of the body.

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Rosemary is my ‘go-to’ person when I have something going on in my ‘self’ (mind/body/spirit) that is persistent or trying to tell me something and I’m not sure exactly what. With Rosemary’s BodyTalk modality, I feel like I can keep on top of my own health and healing in a way that is really aligned with me! She works directly with me and my soul energy and is always completely on point with what is needed. Through Rosemary’s sessions, I always gain great healing, understanding and acknowledgement, and I am very grateful for her service, as she is a great ally to my overall health and wellbeing. Thank you so much, Rosemary, you are direct, truthful and hold space with great love and presence, thank you for your ongoing support of me via these sessionsTanya Wilson, Counsellor, Lifecoach, Massage Therapist

Rosemary Bennett is a wonderful practitioner with many remarkable talents and skills on her tool belt. I have worked in the field of mental health and illness, psychodynamics and human flourishing, bodywork, and spiritual movement for over 40 years now and over time you garner some very special people that become your own regular practitioners you go to for balance, healing and maintenance. Rosemary is one of these for me and I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting relief and change in any aspect of their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms which of course are all interwoven anyway. Her BodyTalk and Psychonomy are fast, effective and life-changing. Do yourself a favour. Your systems will love you for it.Prue Blackmore, Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner

As a natural and complementary medicine practitioner, I found my world becoming complex and intense. I feel the universe has sent me Rosemary to help me decipher and unlock my potential. Rosemary’s sessions are more than Counselling. Rosemary’s Counselling ability goes far beyond the emotional but deeper into the experiences we live through and has helped me as part of a deeper and reflective journey into myself. I can’t begin to explain how valuable I have found Rosemary’s sessions. I highly recommend this service. – Michelle, Naturopath