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Prue has worked in the field of psychiatry and mental health for over 30 years now and brings an eclectic and wide variety of techniques that facilitate clearing of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of the psyche and the problems that arise therein. 

Working with all facets of existence from conception to dying and death Prue has developed powerful and effective tools that allow clients to get to the source of their current issue and move them out of the field to restore balance to themselves and the worlds they are creating and co-creating with others. 

Weaving many years of experience and training in psychiatry, cognitive behavioural therapy, principles of transactional analysis, energetic processes and healing from shamanic practice, shadow work, and deep immersion into the realms of the psyche in transpersonal paradigms – in the service of her clients.

This work moves deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour, emotional overload in the face of crisis and existential issues of meaning and issues of hopelessness and despair that can arise in the face of this – out of the daily aspects of daily life – her work is deep and efficacious.

Transpersonal Counsellor, Art Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Psychotherapist
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Thank you for such an amazing weekend. I truly feel like it is the best thing I have ever done! I am telling many women about it! Touching Ritual, Diving into the depths of self and totally accessing the Inner Goddess…I find it hard to put into words actually, (which is slightly unusual for me!) but I am so grateful to Prue for the creating, allowing and materialisation of such a thing in this world. Many Many heartfelt thanks – Tanja

I’ve spent a couple of decades reflecting on my life trying to improve my self-esteem. I have used logical methods to try and slough off unhelpful habits, relationships and thoughts and generally found myself walking in circles and not getting anywhere. Yet in one weekend of art, writing, meditations, symbolic work and ritual I’ve felt like I’ve integrated and made sense of the trauma and difficult relationships that have bugged me for a lifetime. The experience has shown the logical part of myself (the result of working for many years in a science field) that we don’t always understand what causes true, resounding change but the change I have experienced is indeed true and resounding.  I get the sense that sometimes we have to do things that do not necessarily make sense to become the person we want to be. I have immense faith in this process and feel different in my skin and stature as a result. – Rebecca

I can not express how grateful I am the universe shifted to get me to where I needed to be 11yrs ago, and that was into the presence of this amazing gifted woman named Prue Blackmore. I was broken in ways I did not comprehend. Under her gentle guidance and unending patience, she helped me unpack unspeakable baggage that had affected me to my bones. Shamanic healing opened a world I did not know existed and changed me forever. I came to meet extraordinary women through the woman’s initiation ceremony and meditation and feel blessed to know them. Thank you Prue, I’m upright against the odds. Love you dearly xx – Marilyn