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Geomancy is done using a hand-embroidered Medicine Wheel Cloth and Crystal Runes to show the patterns of your life. Casting the runes helps you to make decisions on your future path by being able to view the key stones and holistically understand how life is unfolding for you. 

The Medicine Wheel is orientated to Gaia’s (Earths) four directions to pay homage to the planets actual position in the solar system. This ensures the patterns that form; fall in perfect synchronicity, offering us great cosmic wisdom.               

This unique type of Geomancy has developed over three decades. The Crystal Runes have always had the same meaning, since the very beginning of this system and the only thing that changes is where YOU randomly cast the Rune Stones onto the Medicine Wheel Cloth. 

Another stone (or more) can be added to represent specific issues, goals or circumstance; to increase the focus of the cast towards the Spiritual Answers that You Desire. Offering guidance in this way has never been seen before. What is on offer is only available through Geomancing the Stone, so I would love you to try it for yourself and be amazed how accurate this system is.

Services offered by Lisa:

  • Individual Geomancy Sessions (online available)
  • Online Readings
  • Shamanic Healing using sound predominately i.e. toning, drumming and crystal tipped ‘Crystone’ tuning forks
  • Workshops making Shamanic Drums or Medicine Rattles including preparing the Drum Rims – to infuse the structure of the drum with healing energy
  • Earth Lodge offered on the night before the workshop, in Sellicks Beach – to enhance the Spiritually Based Tools and the whole experience
  • Maker of Shamanic Tools – Drums, Rattles and Medicine Bags
Geomancer, Shamanic Practitioner
Region / Suburb
Sellicks Beach
Online / Virtual Sessions
Professional Memberships / Affiliations

Australian Spiritual Alliance member
IICT – International Institute of Complementary Therapists member


When I came across Lisa and realized I was going to have a Unique experience. I had noticed Lisa at fairs and This lady lights up when she is doing her thing. Lisa’s Knowledge, Skills and Learning over the past 30 years are evident and her intentions are to explain her Hand Embroidered Cloth and the Cast according to where and how “her runes” land in each section via symbolisms and patterns. The accuracies still have me scratching my head.. How is this?

The answer is Lisa has an Authentic Technique along with an intimate relationship with “her stones/runes.” She doesn’t use them in a traditional way of a Crystal Healer – the Stone’s fall into patterns that are interpreted with Knowledge, Honesty and Truthfulness. I am amazed at the accuracy of Lisa’s reading and the kind ways I was advised how to Initiate necessary positive changes to alter the not so nice things in my life. Her reading gave me so much insight into myself, my life and my contributions.

A few months later I was talking to Lisa about some concerns I was having – Lisa’s response.. “Are you Ready? – Do you want to check The Stones?” … Once again … Spot On! I had already made some decisions which I had not shared with anyone and Lisa went straight there and spoke my thoughts.. This Confirmed I was on task & once again what an incredible experience. Lisa shares her skills in an interesting individual way. Lisa is authentic, intuitive and empathetic; she will always tell it how it is. The energetic exchange comes from Truth and Honesty – from Good.

I highly recommend you have an experience with this talented intelligent interesting lady. I have also seen Lisa’s development, growth and determination and that IS Inspiring. I know Lisa can assist so many. – Sandra 

Lisa Drury’s Geomancy Readings provided me great emotional solace regarding the grief I experienced over the tragic death of my daughter and clarity in dealing with the confusion of my son’s circumstances. She provided personal hope, support and strength in my despair. Her healing was both wonderful and strengthening. May I endorse her work as a healer! – Sincerely Sheradeen C 

It felt like I could breathe immediately after Lisa removed some stones from the cloth that represented a difficult situation in my past. Through “Changing the Patterns of my Life” I felt a healing occur. It was more than just a reading but true understanding of how to move on with my life. That night I felt compelled to help a homeless man by buying them a meal – to share some of the goodwill that I felt after the reading I received from Lisa. – Tiana