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Ky has trained and worked professionally in various therapeutic modalities over decades – kinesiology, art therapy, eco-art therapy, narrative therapy, fine arts, meditation and mindfulness, energetic healing, plant spirit medicine and alchemical herbalism. Becoming aware of the underlying training of those modalities, Ky works with our innate healing abilities, our somatic wisdom and the wisdom of the natural world.

For Ky, there is no greater teacher than the body – the human one we are born into and the larger earth body. Growing down into this and supporting others to remember and rediscover this innate wisdom is her current focus.

Ky’s services include alchemical plant makings – incense, oils, healing balms, plant wisdom cards, flower essences, custom made offerings for ritual and healing purposes.

Wildcrafter, Artist, Eco Art Therapist
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Kangaroo Island
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Ky’s plant essences, balms and handmade incense are of the earth and this is felt and known in the senses. When using them, I feel divine healing coming through, the natural wisdom and healing of the plants is potent and real. Each product is lovingly and carefully made and comes gifted with information about the healing properties of the plant medicine. Ky’s Seedstar products are now a regular part of my self-care routine, such beautiful, loving work I won’t do without – Deanna