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Khadija Gbla is a high profile, passionate and inspiring African Australian woman. She is an award-winning human rights activist, inspirational speaker, facilitator and philanthropist. She has displayed great courage and determination in achieving her aspirations of giving women, youth and minority groups a voice at a local, state and international level. Khadija utilises her powerful and inspired voice to advocate equality and inclusion. Khadija Gbla was born in Sierra Leone, spent her youth in Gambia, and as a teenager settled in Australia. Khadija was just 3 years old when the war broke out in her country, Sierra Leone and10 years later they attained refugee status and resettled in Adelaide. Khadija provides advocacy, training, speaking on domestic and family violence, sexual health, racism, human rights, mental health, migrants and refugees and cultural diversity through her cultural consultancy, Khadija Gbla Cultural Consultancy.

Khadija is the lead voice and campaigner on Female Genital Mutilation in Australia. Khadija provides training for professionals, advocacy and community education for practising communities in Australia.  Khadija is also a TEDx speaker with close to 3 Million views on her talk, “My mother’s strange definition of empowerment“.

Cross Cultural Facilitator, Keynote Speaker and Consultant
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Adelaide, Australia
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Khadija Gbla delivers speeches and workshops that are packed full of powerful messages that often impact attendees on both a personal and professional level. She incorporates personal experiences, academic learning and humour in her sessions in a seamless manner on topics many of us are nervous to discuss, but are essential conversations in today’s world. Walking away from Khadija’s sessions leaves you feeling you have learnt a lot about yourself as well as the theme discussed. There’s always essential information on improving professional practise to benefit those most marginalised in our communities and whose voices are often not heard.

Alison Davies – Community Development Coordinator, Morella Community Centre

 Before Khadija participated in ARA’s Refugee Week Oration in 2019 I had heard of her. She had been described to me as fierce and feisty and confronting – all awesome words if somewhat gendered. I mean who describes powerful male speakers in those words? At the Oration, Khadija was all of those things and articulate, fearless and unapologetic when asked to speak her truth about what it means to belong in Australia as a young African Australian woman. An utterly compelling speaker.

Deb Stringer – CEO, Australian Refugee Association Inc

 I met Khadija in 2012 and straight away I knew that she was indeed a passionate and highly competent communicator. I’ve seen Khadija grow into an extraordinary woman because of her incredible vision and commitment to her true purpose in life. 

I fondly refer to Khadija as a Force of Nature – Khadija always shares herself; her life whole heartily with the world, and her inner strength, her humour and her vitality are motivating and rejuvenating. – Equally as powerful is Khadija’s special gift of tenderness, and her profound love for humanity. 

Over the years I’ve invited Khadija to share her message and knowledge at many of our Social Change events and will continue to do so. The world can only grow healthier, stronger and wiser because of the voice and actions of this valuable and powerful leader, Khadija Gbla. 

Elizabeth Ellames – Co-founder of N O W Social Empowerment Collective