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Eric Mercier is a well-regarded positive psychology practitioner and a certified coach with a background in management consulting in the areas of Program and Project Management. Eric’s approaches are focused on strengths rather than weaknesses. He is the lucky husband of a great and strong woman, the proud father of two young children, and a fierce advocate for involved fatherhood, work flexibility and gender equality. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Adelaide on one of his passions ‘Part-time working fathers and child-rearing’.

He helps individuals with their own goals to gain clarity in their life. He is easy to talk to, a fierce supporter of his clients and someone who helps others to expand their thinking and stretch themselves at the same time.

His most cherished values are the respect of others’ differences and a strong belief in self-efficacy. He lives his life according to these values and they have guided him in all his life projects, in the countries he lived in.

Life Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner
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Adelaide, Australia
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Eric from Own Goals Coaching has been such a positive experience, aligning with my goals, values and helping me put them into action. Holding me accountable, staying on track/topic and providing really valuable tips and resources for me to use. Extremely professional and understanding when I needed to change a pre-booked session due to busy working mum schedules. I will continue to work with Eric on a monthly basis to keep encouraging me to reach my own goals. Highly recommend Own Goals Coaching, thank you Eric!

Sally – Client

Eric’s coaching sessions were both enjoyable and valuable. He provided a safe and comfortable space in which I could think and talk about things openly and honestly. With the questions he asked I was guided to a place where the areas I had been struggling with became clear. He helped me come to my own conclusions about what I actually needed to do and guided me towards a plan to get there. I have used the knowledge that Eric shared to work towards my goals, and I have also been able to apply some techniques and ideas that Eric shared to other aspects of my life as well. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for a bit of help, clarification, and direction.

Laura – Client

Eric is an easy person to relate to and someone who effortlessly manages to get you to self-reflect and be held accountable for your own improvement. I feel like the coaching sessions with Eric have awakened the inner me. Eric communicated well pre and post-session. The coaching was easy to set up. Eric was extremely punctual and always professional. Eric provided useful materials in a timely manner and retained all the information shared. He was genuinely interested and was able to guide and direct me with his gentle and supportive approach. I would wholeheartedly recommend Eric for any coaching sessions. I am going to continue my sessions with Eric as I now consider coaching to be as important as many other aspects of my life.

Clare – Client