Dr. Traill Dowie is the Chair of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Panel for Trauma Standards & Practice, he is also the Head of Faculty at Ikon Institute Australia, and is a practising psychotherapist, supervisor and public speaker.

Dr. Dowie’s academic life and public lectures cover a broad range of interdisciplinary topics that relate to the human condition; psychiatry, psychotherapy, trauma, continental philosophy, philosophy of mind, anthropology, health and wellbeing, and human optimisation.

He holds dual PhDs, receiving a PhD in Psychiatry from Monash University and a PhD in Philosophy from The University of Melbourne.

Doctor of Philosophy and Psychiatry, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Public Speaker
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To explain Traill’s impact on one’s life in a few words is a difficult task, as his impact on my education has been revolutionary. Traill’s depth of knowledge, style of facilitation and consolidation of multi-disciplinary topics in a streamlined format is outstanding and an honor to receive as a student in the field of the helping therapies.” – Donika De Bloom
Traill is one of the most influential trainers/supervisors I have experienced.  His passion, depth of knowledge and genuine care for the human soul, is inspiring.” – Therapist, St Kilda
Unique, breathtaking, astounding, a trailblazer, at the forefront of his field” – Nia