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Dr Krishna Kumar is an expert in the field Ayurveda and the co-founder of Australerba Herbal Products & Spagyric Laboratories, a family-owned and operated business, established in Adelaide in 1979.

Australerba’s products, now known as Remedy Herbals, are handcrafted from expertly selected herbs which combine to increase the effectiveness of each product as well as supporting the body as a holistic system and promoting general wellbeing. This is known as Synergism, which produces an effect which is greater than the sum of its parts.  The products are produced according to the ancient ‘Spagyric’ method (which is also known as Plant Alchemy) by which the active principles within a plant undergo a multi-phase process of extraction based on the principles of Separation, Purification and Re-unification. The essential oils, water-soluble principles and mineral salts are extracted in successive stages and are prepared so that all the active properties are released while the integrity of the herb is maintained.

Dr Krishna Kumar is available for Ayurvedic consultation upon request.

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