Giving Back

At its heart The Healing Ground Collective is a social enterprise, committed to redirecting a portion of any profit made to projects, communitites and/or individuals in need.

Projects we support

Graham F Smith Peace Foundation

Promoting Peace through all art forms - that relate to human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.

Hope for Ebola Orphans

H4EO is a grassroots organisation working to support Sierra Leone's most vulnerable children.

Children's Ground

Children's Ground is an organisation led by First Nations communities in Australia - creating a new future for children filled with promise, hope and empowerment.

On the Ground



Feng Fest 2022 – Sat 15 January

Feng Fest will provide information on how to prepare your home, office and business for protection against the flying bad luck stars of the year ahead and also information on how to enhance the flying good luck stars.

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Galactic Dragon

Moon meditations

Moon meditations – why would you? Everything is a note in a symphony of the heavens – including us. Everything is connected and unfolding in

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