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Caring for Self in these perilous 2020 energies

It’s extraordinary isn’t it – how much we have all changed.

Look back 6 months or 12 months and it is a bit like – who was that person and what have they done with my life lol.

In some moments currently we can feel clear and free and at other times we may feel confused and flat. There is a sense of something brewing [and it is – November is a whole new story] – of pressure intensifying but no idea what it means. Welcome to the edge of the new age.

You are entering a gateway of a new reality – the biggest celestial event in cosmic history- transforming your very being from a 3D limited human – back to your true nature – multidimensional Gods in human form – having experienced and developed compassion for what it is like to be limited.

And here we are on the edge of transition – on the frontier as it were – of reclaiming your sovereignty and freedom – and this is not an easy task. However we signed up for this plunge into the abyss of forgetting and now we are waking up and there is a lot of grogginess and confusion and unease associated with this.

But changing you are nonetheless and take a moment now just to sit and think about how far you have come. Remember what you have been through – how tired you are – your body is morphing into a different structure – one that your 3D science cannot see – it is at times hard for there is no map to navigate this territory.

Allow yourself to feel this – all of this – and all the emotions that rise with it. It is just clearing and cleansing – it is necessary and there is nothing wrong with you at all.

Mother earth – Gaia – is going through it – shedding her skin as you are. Be aware of how much is changing – how sick and tired you are of it all – let yourself know and feel – just allow.

Every single soul is unique and your path is like no other path – even though you are all going through a process of growing your light body – some may feel empowered and uplifted at times and at other times we may feel wretched and ill and exhausted.

Just trust you are going to be ok. See a doctor if you need to for reassurance however if they can’t find anything mechanical wrong with you – let it go – they can’t see what is unfolding. We are all in the process of cleaning many old patterns from our DNA – patterns of fear – some of us will feel it in the physical and some will feel it energetically.

These symptoms can be mild to very severe – they may mimic a dis-easement however in truth it is just an adjustment of our bodies to the letting go of the lifetimes of fear and inadequacy and this is happening on a massive level across the globe. We cannot take these false beliefs and paradigms and responses with us and it is our body that has been carrying this and is now the one going through the release and transformation.

Our bodies are literally changing from carbon to crystalline and we are now embodying more of the Soul in the flesh and this has not been done before in a living avatar. Death has always preceded such transformation in the past. These symptoms are nothing to fear however they remain many and varied as your system slowly prepares to change and it can be exhausting – even waking up exhausted – however it will pass.

Our Souls have a purpose and if we do not honour that – when we refuse to acknowledge it – then things will appear more difficult. We can no longer sit on the fence. We need to nourish the Soul’s journey or it will start to retreat. 

Some signs of this are numbing, or that you have lost yourself and feel empty, feeling out of place or time. It can be hard to feel joy or love or laughter – it seems like its been a while. You perhaps don’t feel engaged with people or life. You may feel more anxious than usual and struggle to calm it down. Brain fog and feeling out of it, you may feel like you are running on empty and have nothing left to give, but you keep helping – feeling cynical or resentful. You are fatigued and your body is the same. 

Stop – your Soul gets tired too. If this is happening, take time out – look after yourself, be the lioness in your own jungle – caring for self first and foremost. You are listening to the monkey in your head that puts you down. It is crucial you stop this. It is crucial you stop letting people use you. 

It is critical that you start being kind and loving to yourself and give yourself time and space. Stay out of the past and out of the future. It matters. You are the only one who can change this. 

Earth and the solar system are now travelling through the most intense photon band of energy experienced by humanity and we began entering the deepest part of it, in 2012. The precession of the equinoxes – the cycles and time lines – moving from the Piscean Constellation of masculine control and destruction to the Constellation of Aquarius – feminine, peace and liberation. 

When you change Constellation during the precession of the equinoxes, the codes of light change and major changes unfold on all held within it. A new reality unfolds.

For example when the Russian scientist Dr Peter Gariaev shone lasers through salamanders and picked up their DNA information – then shone that same laser into frog’s eggs – only to have salamanders then hatch from the frogs eggs – able to breed and produce more offspring with natural salamanders.

These intense high frequencies we are absorbing are doing the same to us. The 95% of our DNA labelled “junk” by the 3D scientists – is waking up in the upgrade. Imagine what kind of beings we will become when we move from 5% capacity of use to 100% capacity of use. 

It will unfold when we are ready for it and it will not unfold until we are. Otherwise it would be like putting a gun in the hand of a baby and expecting it to understand and respect the power of that weapon.

Our bodies have some resistance to the photon increase quotient that is coming into the solar system now. Try and rest where you can – avoid fighting it if you can – that which you resist persists remember.

Do what you can to assist. Move, swim, gentle – whatever works. Eat what your body wants – what it is drawn to – some of that may seem peculiar but learn to trust your instincts more than your thoughts – yoga – all of this is to help release old toxins. Our bodies know how to do this – it is good to help it along is all and tells the body of your support and care for the process.

Weight gain may be a part of this – don’t despair – don’t worry about dieting – sometimes your body needs the extra weight to process these massive changes that are going on. The body will shed it easily and without effort when done. Flu like symptoms are also the way the body has of releasing toxins – the exomes as it were. Don’t buy into the current fear that is being fed you around this. Trust the wisdom of the body.

The science as you know it has no idea of ascension symptoms but your body does. We are birthing ourselves and the Gaia is birthing herself and it can be a painful process – as most women understand – it is initiatory – allow it – the new being will emerge. Pay attention to them – sometimes the body is communicating something to you as part of release – learn to dialogue with the body – it is wise to do so.

Our DNA is fascinating – as mentioned, our scientists still think 95% of it is junk. Because it is clear that it does not fit in with their understanding of how evolution works and they have no concept of other realms – or who had a hand in the creation of it. Ancestry is not confined to the countries of origin on this planet lol.

The human race made an agreement to be born into this 3rd dimensional reality – an experiment – to forget who we are – amnesia – to experience rebirth in the current awakening that is happening now.

It is unparalleled in the cosmos and not a lot of humans yet realise or remember what they are participating in – in this return to the galactic blueprint of our 12 strand DNA – that gives humans immortality and powers most cannot imagine.

Then – in the forgetting – forces arrived that dumbed it down to a 2 strand, carbon based being – through DNA manipulation and your scientists can see what was done – the fusions that make no sense – but cannot explain it and so mostly don’t mention it.

It was always still there waiting though – for it exists in every molecule of DNA in every cell of your body – this memory and capacity – and this is where your consciousness rises from also – it could not be removed from there. And it is now awakening.

And now all that we have avoided facing is here – and you may not even be sure of what that is, with Neptune in Pisces providing illusion and delusion and the desire to escape. This can make it challenging to make realistic assessments about our lives on both a personal [Mars] and collective [Jupiter] level.

And with Saturn in its home sign of Capricorn and Pluto – lord of the underworld – here also and Jupiter as the largest planet and master of beneficence – you can be assured that everything that is unfinished business within us – will now need to be finished.

No more burying one’s head in the sand. 

Here we are in our Pan-demic. Interesting isn’t it that the God Pan is allied to Saturn – the ruler of Capricorn and authority. With all things Pan like – the nature of what we have created here – ripens now or comes into full blooded fruition. A Karmic bloom as it were.

These intense energies are showing all the things within – emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual – that were planted and watered and nurtured into full bloom – are right in our face now and we need to deal with them. All of it – warts and all. It’s all here for the harvesting of our labours and efforts and mindsets and belief systems. 

What we see we must take responsibility for [Capricorn] and do something about it if we don’t like what we see. Capricorn is all about adulting, growing up, owning our own shit as it were.

And Neptune in Pisces keeps pulling us back into distractions and escapes by any means, drugs, relationship, personal drama – the lists are endless. Don’t do it. Pisces is much better used for purification rituals rather than propping up mental delusions.

The whole process is deepening now. It is going to require us to be mature and honestly deal with these energies – to be peaceful and Zen and loving and kind as we go about it – to be the lighthouse in the storm. It is time to become the sovereign self – balanced in the masculine and the feminine – empowered and unafraid. To be moving towards your authentic self and expression of that.

It costs a lot of time energy and effort to put on different masks for different people – it is life draining and life taking. Observe who you do that around and either become more honest with them or move away – it is not much good for them either. Remove all toxins from your life where ever you can.

Right now at this current Moon energy – Mars in retrograde in Aries is in a square with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. All of this will now be in your face dear ones. Mars rules the adrenals remember so we will be ready for fight or flight. Whatever is no longer working for you – it is about to become very apparent over the next few months and there will be no avoiding it.

Whatever belief pattern you are holding that has you create and co-create pain in this way – it will become very apparent. Observe your projections – your judgements – they are the clues to what needs to be resolved within you – not the other – do the work – it matters – get help if you need it. It is time to walk your own path – not tie yourself in knots attempting to appease the other – who cannot be appeased anyway.

The Being on the Frontier on line Programme was created with all of this in mind – how do we know what the territory is when we have never been here before – how do we develop a map to navigate such unknown landscapes – how do we develop an ability to remain centred within ourselves – irrespective of the storm coming – irrespective of the lies and the manipulations that have kept humanity away from its birthright for far too long.

How do we stand peacefully in the eye of the storm that is raging all about us. Trust that you are enough. Trust that you are never given anything that you cannot handle. Stop listening to the voice of doubt in your head. Anything that causes you to doubt yourself is the lie. Trust that everything is unfolding perfectly – even the parts of yourself that you judge most harshly – they are not worthy of that harsh judgement – that is part of the programmed lie to keep you down and obedient to lesser beings. Trust that everything is perfect and nothing is ever what it appears to be. Trust that you are enough – that you are always safe and divinely protected and that where ever you go and whatever you do – you will be ok. 

Hang in their dear ones – you got this – I promise you. Xx

Much Love, Prue Blackmore

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  1. I am coming through a timely change and acceptance of me, the soreness in my body and great motivation to understand my Spiritual Journey to another level. Hang in there Lisa, the eclipse season is time to balance out all my elements.

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