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Standing on the threshold

Being on the Frontier online program commences at the Spring Equinox in September [here in the Southern Hemisphere] and the first Module is loaded in ready along with the resources we will provide to support you during the Journey with us.

All of us now – the whole human family and beyond – in our time of enforced shutdown and isolation and confusion about what is real and what is not – are experiencing a very deep stirring – a wakening from the dreams of millions of years of human evolution and expansion – through epochs of time and cycles of reality – yet again all culminating now.

The 2,160 year cycle of Pisces age finished in January this year and the new one – the Age of Aquarius – begins its 2,160 year epoch in December this year – we are in the collapse of old and seed planting for the new. It is intensely uncomfortable and the change is relentless and we don’t do change well we humans – even though it is the one constant. And yet here we are.

Lurching from crisis to crisis – threatening our very lives, our families, our futures, our financial security – and it is very clear to most of us that our so called leaders – if not directly aggravating or causing many of these crises – are entirely inept and winging it – in dealing with them.

These very institutions we are taught to have faith in and trust – are showing themselves to have feet of clay and are indeed very much a part of the problem. This is unsettling and leads to increasing levels of anxiety and doubt as we begin to question – Well what else cant I trust – what else do I not see – a kind of un-housing begins to occur.

And while this is very unsettling it is a part of the journey we must all undertake in this life. For who are we really. In the un-housing, we begin to see that we are not this story we hold about ourselves. Where did that story come from? Who gave it to us. Why do I believe what I believe. Why do I think the thoughts I think and behave in the ways that I do?

This flowing of human consciousness – this awakening – could be the continual journeying through, exploration and discovery of, many deep multi-dimensional levels of human reality – in fact.

Right now – at this moment – all of us are living between two worlds of darkness and light called birth and death – living in or on a horizontal linear time line – moving – so you think, in a straight line from one thing to another – birth to death – however all changes are coming to the timelines and the belief systems.

We exist – in this system of reality – in constant conflict within our selves. Habitually questioning, doubting, feeling inadequate, not good enough, questing, searching for meaning in an increasingly shallow, broken and uncaring world.

Each kind of illumination you approach on the path is in fact balanced by its own appropriate type of dark – and we see this in the writings of the mystics – the temptations of the dark at the threshold. All tales of the visionaries and seekers speak of it. The only question you need to ask is, “Are you ready to let go”, and take the first step on a path to freedom – the thing we say we long for – but are indeed terrified of.

Stepping into this – answering the call from deep within – yearning for freedom – even if we don’t know we are yearning – has you choose movement in a direction that you know in your heart will finally lead on – and open you up to – the bliss of freedom – fulfilling your own being – instead of continually expecting an outer manifestation of your own mind – to love and fulfil all your desires and expectations.

This will be challenging. And you are already getting some practice for the first step. In isolation. We all live in such a sanitised, preoccupied world – we don’t know how to be alone – and yet it is so necessary. It’s why the mystics go into the wilderness – why young humans in certain cultures do vision quest. To know themselves and ground themselves in the “here and now” – free of doubt and fear.

During the first month we will explore who we are – where are we in the cycle of our own life, death and the space between.

Utilising myth, personal ritual and ceremony, writing and art – we will connect to that which is beyond our current comprehension but is indeed – and of course – a vital part of who we are.

You will be given a list of things to do – explorations to undertake – plunging into what is beneath the surface of our tick-tock mundane world. The conscious mind – that natters and chatters in the everyday world – sorting, making sense of, judging [mostly negatively] ourselves and others, whipping up emotions, round and round the mulberry bush we go – of the 60K thoughts you had today – 59,999 you had yesterday – activity – makes up around 10% of your psyche.

The other 90% – buried in the subconscious, unconscious and race mind – and which actually makes all your decisions for you – despite the ramblings of the conscious mind to the contrary – is roiling around in there – bursting through occasionally or often – or leaking – causing over the top reactions to simple things – and we need to understand it better – hear it better – build a bridge between it and the conscious mind – thus allowing the soul’s journey to become more fused with the world it engages.

So the veil is rent. The light enters. We stand on the threshold. From here we must journey alone. The teacher can point the way but it is up to us – each of us. Our own unique path.

There are 8 portals – 8 destinations – 8 objectives. To find yourself. To find the wisdom of the awakened heart.

Life cycles – the physical existence – the mind and its machinations – the heart and its terrors – the shadow realm of the unrealised self – sexuality – the souls journey – and beyond into the energetics of existence.

Utilising journal work – dream work – art work – poetry – ritual and other things – you will traverse and explore the deeper parts of yourself – on the path to set yourself free.

But the path can be dark – coiling serpentine-like – within the cloak of pain and denial. Hard and thorny – the parts of self, called shadow, denied and suppressed. Feared and reviled – not because they deserve it – because we are programmed to do so – for those who program you – fear it – its’ power. This unwittingly gets handed on generation after generation. Built upon.

The keys to the beloved are within you – as is the beloved. And it requires a certain value based and ethical way of being – to be encountered. Along the path you will require and develop:

  • generosity and unconditional love
  • implacable harmony eliminating cause and effect
  • eternal patience
  • loving detachment from all things
  • dauntless courage to never turn aside
  • constant contemplation
  • awakening

In approaching this we will gain awareness that we are not our body or mind – we will integrate things from the shadow with grace – to become aware that you are all you see within your own unique universe – the drop within the ocean and the ocean within the drop – being present – to cross and dissolve the bridge between self and Self – being in loving service to all that lives in ruthless compassion – being ever mindful of fear and how it kills the will and stays action. We will learn to control the mind – for thoughts are real and their progeny is everywhere – unrecognised and powerful – until the recognition of the eternal beloved – and the impermanence of all other things.

All this in search of the immaculate diamond light of the awakened heart – that is beyond pride and satisfaction – beyond self-woe – while holding compassion for others – surges deeply from the heart – impervious to all – forging the diamond soul.

It is from here the portals open.

Allowing the superhuman awareness pour into the race mind. To pour into the ocean of sorrow made by the tears of all humans. To give continually – requiring nothing – unseen and unknown – except unto thyself.

Who are you – in your personal world, your social world, your physical world, your spiritual world. How did you get here. What does it mean. Is this all there is. What roles do you play and for whom do you play them. How satisfying is this life you are in. Where are you in the journey between life and death. What does it all mean – if anything at all – and if not why not.

It is time to examine all of this, for as Socrates said – the unexamined life is the life not lived.

Where are you on the hero’s quest of your own life?

The Hero’s quest is a powerful motif in all lives.

It points to the fundamental reality of what it is to be human.

We are constantly in life navigating the challenges of the mundane while at the same time we are being called to from within the psyche – from the unrealised aspects buried in the shadow realms and more importantly from the Soul’s journey.

And from the Soul’s perspective – this world of the mundane – is but the means to the end – whereas for the ego the mundane is all there is – the hero’s quest is about building the bridge between the two.

From that connection we can transform our very consciousness and awaken to our higher state of being. It is why we are here.

During this we are beginning to have a dawning realisation that our ‘awakening’ is not the result of just one awakened human, one being, one religion, one creed or time or place, one world view or one skin colour or empire. This is pointing strongly to the mass consciousness strongly allied with the coming Age of Aquarius.

Everything – the teachings and tools – that have been given to us over hundreds of thousands of years by awakened and divine beings and shamans et al are just tools, the stepping stones to guide us ever inward to the inner depths of your own awakened sacred being – that is ever the witness and guide to the outer manifestation of this powerful dream called ‘life’.

In this extraordinary time of existence, we are now being called to dissolve the separation between the inner and outer – in the true realisation that all wise teachers gave us – that the sacred divine mystery is within you and in everything you see around you. And as the Buddha discovered within the fathom long body – you – become witness to the coming into being and passing away of countless universes – somewhat overwhelming is it not.

That in truth we are just reflections of each other – each operating out of our own unique universe – who can now begin to open up to each other from the heart and not just the head – with its calculating, criticising nature, its likes and dislikes, its judgements and inadequacies, rejected and projected – constantly creating and recreating a world of us and them – rather than I and Thou.

This programmed world view of the dark power networks of the age that is ending – victim consciousness – us and them – split us asunder, irretrievably – for praise and blame limit the sacred nature of existence. How limited is our world view of the sacred divine – if we think we have to approach it through praise and supplication?

The new epoch calls us to a new understanding of the sacred divine nature. Known as the ‘marriage in heaven’ or the ‘feast of the beloved’ is a term used by all seekers on all paths to the divine within – the one who knows. The end of separation and the seeking to unknow.

There is no one to save us beloved ones. Instead, we must be prepared to enter the world of our shadow and go through the dark night of the soul. We have a natural and programmed resistance to going there and yet all discoverers of the lands within must go there – it is part of the process and cannot be avoided. This descent into hell is the name given to the painful negative state – which normally intervenes between the illuminating light and the deep, heartfelt, uniting life.

First we must cultivate a state of loving kindness of your being. To bathe in this energy – your entire being – physical, emotional, psychological, mental, etheric, astral and spiritual. Practice just sitting in it – start for short bursts. High megahertz music or binaural beats can be of useful assistance. But basically you are practicing simply being content in your own company.

This begins a process. Of going within. For as long as you are reaching for the external other, you are not as yet prepared to face, or be with, your own loneliness. Only when you are sitting with your loneliness and can go right into it – are you ever going to arrive at the blissful state of Aloneness.

It is arriving at this seat of power – the mystical life – the Self – then and only then can you see the connected self. To allow the spiritual warrior nature to arise. This then allows you as a being, to build your own character into whatever teachings are before you. We are all unique – occupying our own universe – and all true journeys to freedom recognise that we are unique on the path – evolving and sacred – irrespective of old rigid dogmatic systems that tell you it can only be reached through their priests and their conception of the divine mysteries.

The movement is towards being totally alone with your own being – in the now eternal in space – which contains all the celestial and terrestrial bodies that exist – keeping them apart while linking them together. In this way – all the dramas, soap operas, power struggles, black comedies et al – become a very faint whisper as your essence becomes one with the all.

At this time – for you, for me, for us – for the whole human race – awakening, opening, unfolding, blossoming, becoming – all those explorers who have journeyed the path before us and become themselves – awakened to the mystical life – were totally themselves – individuals manifesting in their own unique way.

And so, this is the time – What are you? What are you going to manifest? What could come from you, out of your realised self? What kind of world will you create? For all universes are calling to you at this time to manifest a new reality – awakened – alive in the moment – limited only by your imagination – mystical journeys that are unfolding within and without of you right now.

Whether you know it or not right now – be still and know that.

Know that awakening, sacred, divine mysteries come to you in whispers throughout the universes – not in loud repetitive ego-driven fanfares – trumpeting the next great blockbuster on the egoic screen of an old world. There is only one ‘sin’ and that is in not moving – refusing to answer the call to unfold and awaken from the dream or nightmare that you find your being in – and this is not just through you – but affects the wellbeing of all that lives.

Being on the Frontier provides a sanctuary – a safe and sacred ground of being. A place and a space – with well-tried support for living from within and a secure basis for future exploration. It seeks a strong heart foundation in each of us as we develop a code of divine ethics and impeccable integrity – creating a diamond hard foundation on which to grow.

In each and every one of us there is a basic human wisdom that as it awakens, can help hear and solve the problems in our lives, our communities, our planet and beyond. The earth Gaia is our home completely – every atom in our body is from her – recycled over and over again – and it is here we have evolved as a race of beings over countless millennia – one family of human.

Living common sense wisdom is what has to develop and awaken within each and every one of us. The wisdom is not coming from east or west – it is a state of being-ness that has grown and developed over lifetimes on this world and others – it exists in many cultures at many times – pervading throughout our history.

A truly awakened wisdom comes from the heart – it develops and comes through human fearlessness – now taking full responsibility for our own survival and liberation – not being afraid of who we are now – to heal and awaken the human family.

We all now, all of us – need to take the personal journey – individually, as a community, as a society in a way that we clearly understand that deep clearing, healing and awakening can be realised – for the benefit and well-being, for the good and joy and contentment of all beings on this planet and beyond.

You are on the hero’s quest indeed. You know that deep within each and every one of us there is a sacred, divine, DNA blueprint of who we are and why we are and why we have chosen to live on this planet at this time of awakening and transformation. We all – each and every one of us – have a unique contribution to make to the world and an ongoing awakened evolution.

Our dreams and visions are not separate from us – our divine nature – we are our dreams and our nightmares and each moment offers us the possibility of being here – in the now – awake – and free. And that reality gives us the opportunity to create who and what we want to become and to now collectively start to create a world in which we want to live. It is a joint enterprise between the sleeve of human flesh and what animates that flesh.

We and we alone are the creators of our lives for good or for ill and for many deeply caught in the program that very idea is outrageous – it – however remains true. We are all still stuck in the game of duality that continually brings into the being the game of separation, hiding from ourselves while we try to find ourselves.

There is only one. Many reflections but one being. One sacred, divine, living mystery in diversity. One loving caring consciousness – experiencing itself subjectively through creating its’ consciousness into a multitude of form.

So now it is time to move these creative forms – bringing into being a life, a world that we really would like to live in. it is going to require commitment and courage to start to now look at that which may be blocking or stopping us. We have very deep genetic programming over millions of years and countless incarnation and countless generations of life forms. The rising and falling of cities and societies.

We have a way – a habit – of trying to create a clear distinction between dreams – and what we perceive as reality and as a result we often give up before we get close and this leads to boredom, despondency, frustration, inadequacy and these are all self -imposed and we hold the barriers in place around us. We need to examine these – so that we can wake from the dream or nightmare.

These old, worn out, belief patterns that we find ourselves in, stop us from being successful in our lives on all levels. Waking up, being on the frontier in the now – involves recognising and embracing those parts of ourselves that we usually disown – parts of us that are unloved, dark, shut away in the shadow part of our being. This needs to be examined that we may awaken to our full potential – bringing clarity and intimacy with all life – into wholeness and balance.

Restoring balance – bringing opposites together – is the challenge that confronts us all now as we make the transition from the darkness of ignorance into the light of understanding and awakening. We must reach for this by Being on the Frontier – bringing into union and communion a divine balance of harmonies between spiritual and physical, between inner and outer planes – creating amazing, powerful and joyous journeys of spirituality and business – into loving, caring, sacred families.

All of this is possible at this time as timelines and energies converge on this planet at this remarkable time of evolutionary leap. So that we may – by Being on the Frontier – bridge the gap between the inner and outer worlds, dimensions and universes.

Know that you are ready. Be prepared to examine your reality. To reach deep within to find what is ever there – the divine Self.

More Information and invitations to join coming soon. If you are drawn to this in any way contact us at hello@hgcollective.com.au to register your interest.

What an extraordinary time to be alive lol – so let’s work that magic shall we xx

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