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Awakening Oneself by Prue Blackmore

Awakening Oneself

by Prue Blackmore

We are taught from birth – powerfully – to not trust our intuition, to not trust our imaginations, to not experience or validate our emotions, to not see ourselves as divine particles of god experiencing the joy of creation as ourselves.
We are not taught that we are of the element of water – we are taught that we were made on a whim from some mad vengeful deity – from the dirt.
We are not taught to understand that our mind is a tool of consciousness – from which we create all things – we are taught that the mind is all powerful and is the seat of consciousness and must be revered as that which took us out of the dark ages.
NO – it is a tool that – as the great Buddha describes – is like a wild elephant being ridden by a mad monkey. Your seat of your consciousness – that gives rise to the universe itself – is in every molecule of DNA in every cell of your body. Your job is to return the mind to its appropriate place – a tool of creation – for the heart and the imagination – to be a good servant – for it makes a Very Poor Master.
Everything you have been taught about yourselves is a lie. You are drummed every day with a media that focuses on ill health and death. Your mind – that powerful creator – will then – as you worry about getting cancer, getting old, getting the virus – whatever – will then obediently create this for you – following follow the instructions of your mind – and create these things in your body – which feeds the fear machine of ‘medicine’ – and the wealth of the madmen in ‘charge’.
It is time you took charge of your own reality now. Many have been training their mind for a long time – healing the wounds that have given rise to such distorted perceptions and beliefs. Finally emptying the mind and dwelling in peace in the now moment. It is now time for all to work on this.
Your consciousness creates all. Including your unconscious. Which is filled with wounds, complexes, neuroses, karmic debts, dark shadow realms, and much more besides. In fact, most of your creation comes from there – which is why it is so important to heal oneself from the inside out – rather than loading your mind with more information about how to be a better whatever.
And as you follow the dark money of charlatanism – which totally pervades the well-being movement – offering course after course on how to coach people for this and instruct people for that – all masterfully hiding a dark agenda of course – because the purveyors of such information – are flogging a product for wealth – to the next group – rather than a solution to life – that they have not dared to embrace lol. Propaganda works remember.
The solution to everything is within – in that place you have been taught to fear and reject. The insanity of the world is growing and escalating in surrealism – as fear and uncertainty grow – as the veil thins with Neptune in Pisces – with the feeling in one’s bones that nothing will be the same again. Frightened people will clutch at straws and embrace things like – do a weekend workshop and become a shaman – kind of madness.
I was recently asked to comment on a video of the ‘qanon shaman’ espousing his ‘wisdom’. It was a hodgepodge of tiny glimpses of vast fields of research [that some of us have been studying for 40 years] – strung together – in a completely missing the point – incoherence. That was clearly enough to seduce a frightened soul who has not read a book since leaving school – or done any other kind of genuine study or reflection – on anything – and there was nothing – that could be said – about this babble – at all.
The madness of polarisation is going to continue. Those who hold such fearful and intense beliefs will become increasingly rabid about them. This is not the time to engage them – at all. Those days are done. Please understand this.
Your job now is to Stop. To own everything you are thinking, feeling, saying and doing. To examine that reality. Does it serve you? Are you holding anger, resentment, guilt, fear, victim consciousness, martyrdom, grief – any of it? Look within for it is rising from within – irrespective of what may have triggered it in whatever act of co-creation you have gone through. Get help if needed.
The object is to clear the pain so that you can see clearly. That you can understand you are the creator of your own reality – programmed from birth – to not see the power, grace and beauty that you are – so that the sycophantic overlords can continue to feed upon you and your misery.
Now is that time. The new age is here. There is no stopping what is coming.
awakeningoneself Healing Ground Collective
Your endocrine system will come further online soon. The pineal gland is opening currently – always at a pace you can tolerate – and it is slowed down enough to bring as many along as possible. The Hypothalamus is opening more online now – reminding you that you are of water – with a similar electric stimulus of movement to your ocean waters lol. This will allow a deeper connection to your unconscious and through that to your multi-dimensional reality.
Trust the process. It too is being done at a pace you can accept. Think of it like your healing plant medicines that open your mind – again very Neptune in Pisces energy. When – with appropriate shamanic [the real ones – not the weekend workshop ones] guidance – to prevent traffic coming back with you – you open your mind with plant medicines – it is a profound realisation of what you really are and what you are really capable of.
It is an experience – that you then return from and overtime – if well managed – you integrate that experience – into your egoic structure – to move forward. Were your hypothalamus to open the flood gate to the ocean depths of you – it would be like entering that state permanently – and I don’t think anyone would be able to endure that – yet.
So trust that your DNA, your chromosomal structures, your endocrine system and your central nervous system – are doing all they need to – to bring you forward. Your job – with your conscious mind and awareness – is to awaken yourself to what you are responsible – and equally powerfully – what you are not responsible for. You are not responsible for anything another human being thinks, feels, says or does. Period. Despite the lie you have been told about this from birth – to the contrary.
Your job in the process is to dwell here now. In the moment. Detached and joyful. You must practice this moment by moment – for all of your training from conception was the opposite of this – so you have bad thinking habits – that must be changed. This is what the Being on the Frontier programme is all about – to give you the tools to facilitate just that. To give you a map to the territory. But you are the territory and it is for you to explore it and master it.
So that you stand on the threshold – understanding that you know nothing about absolutely anything – and that it is ok to dwell there – trusting – and of course the paradox is – that when you dwell there – you are actually on the threshold of understanding absolutely everything lol.
awakeningoneself Healing Ground Collective
As you stand on the abyss of a new way of being – understand that you are creating that new life moment by moment – and that power is very enhanced at the moment – and so create it with love. You are conditioned to do the opposite – understand this – it is how you have been so disempowered for so long. And the fear ratio has been powerfully ratcheted up recently – as it is understood you are on the threshold of change.
Be yourself – in love – it is that simple – however, it is a new habit you are building here – made easier if you are involved in actively healing yourself – of all things. You are the master creator of your own reality – many are beginning to grasp this now – and more are coming online every day.

This will be very painful for many – when they realise the depths of the illusion they have been held in – however, the only way out is through. This is the time for you – as stated before – to be the lighthouse in the coming storm. The boils will be lanced. The social contract between governments and people will collapse. You will build new communities again – where all voices are heard and all decisions are for the greater good – while still freeing all to be themselves. That is the principle of Aquarius – the age we are entering.

There is a cleansing coming. The Gaia herself is purging all poison – the awakening hearts – that you are – have done a great deal to ensure – that the purging effect is minimised on the life on the planet. But it is physical none the less. Please remember this transition period you are going through will be finished around 2050. The most powerful time of it is between 2012 and 2025. Much happens in those years. Your creative power is unparalleled in those years. Use it well – from the diamond awakened heart of love.
It is these years in which the dark is exposed and removed. The process of that cleansing is now down to the surface of the earth herself. And those incarnate in form. So some physical disruption is unavoidable in the awakening of all. And for those that choose not to – then many can leave – in their own perfect evolution – at such times of upheaval. Others – in the pain and shock of it – will be forced awake. Your only task in what is coming is to be still. In love and detachment. The lighthouse in the storm.
The efforts to censor information has gone into overdrive now. For it is known that reality will awaken people. And the lie repeated often enough becomes truth for many, so where you can simply share what speaks to you about truth in this hall of mirrors. Plant seeds where you can and do it without attachment where possible. The great enemy of the dark is the one who awakens. For they influence others just by being around them – and they speak a truth that cannot be quelled. Many such people are being attacked now. So be mindful of where and with whom and your level of detachment when you share anything.
In a very real way the awakening ones are like the shamans – the real ones – not those who have done a weekend workshop on it lol – who dwell on the edge of society – who live on the fringe – outside of the house of belief that has been created to hold everyone within in misery. For it is on the edge you can see more. It is on the edge that things come to one. It is on the edge where lie the doorways – the portals between the realms. You are nearly home – persist – be strong – detached – in the now – in love. This is your last act of choice of free will. And what you choose now light or not light – is irreversible.
For the light will rise and raise Gaia and all who choose into the next level of consciousness – of awareness – of 5D. Choice matters. Wanting it is not enough. Choosing it is paramount and the changing magnetism will do the rest. So let your intention and choice be clear dear ones.
Be adaptable. Go with the flow. This time is more powerful than any before and possibly more than anything that will flow in the future. If you are aware of this you will not mind the fear and contempt of others when you speak – for you know they are caught in the wheel of life – the great theatre acting out their roles. Again it is why it is important to be aware of where you cast your pearls of knowledge.
So trust what is coming – no matter how frightening or disturbing – keep radiating your love – keep thinking with your heart – your diamond awakening heart – still your mind. For the mind brings judgement and fear and has you caught in the web – the trap. This is not possible for the diamond thinking heart. That brings detachment, the sweetness of life, peace and serenity. You begin to dwell in the perfect realisation that everything is unfolding perfectly and nothing is ever as it appears to be.
Be open to the love that surrounds you. Ask for help – for stability – for calm – and it will be delivered. The veil is thin now – with your planetary alignments and your journey between the dimensions and veils of reality. Just ask – spirit – show me what I need to know now. Fill me with your love and peace. Breathe deeply and let go. For it matters in the revelations that are coming dear ones. Your ability to be still and peaceful – matters a lot in the face of what will be revealed.
For ultimately – when the betrayal and outrage and anger are dealt with – people need to come back to the light within – and you will be way-showers for that when the storm has passed. For many this will not be possible – for their attachment to the very institutions that will be shown for their corruption – will be too great – again they will move in their own perfect evolution in their own way. For those left there will need to be big adjustments in perception about reality. And the media will be seen for what it is then – no more no less – than propaganda – and it will lose its hold completely.
There are no timelines here – for they are amorphous and ever-changing – as is the consciousness of the planet and its peoples – during this time of transition. It will happen in a way that minimises harm and in a way that brings as many as possible along – so your part in this is to be the light as described – that brings it forward – over and again. It is all that is required of you beloved humans plus. You are and you always have been – enough. Salute.
At the Healing Ground Collective we run a series of evolving programs that are designed to help people through this powerful time of transition.  We do this via our private social network – with no ads and no sharing of anyone’s information for any reason. Here we offer practitioners of healing and therapy of a variety of modalities.
Programs are on offer that facilitates a profound rewriting of how you approach life and make the adjustments needed in powerfully changing times.
Programs that will give you the map for the territory – like Being on the Frontier online course – with a new intake starting in March 2021.
Coming soon are other programs soon that offer the genuine shamanic world view and experience and training in this and the transpersonal paradigms of existence.
Conscious Parenting is also coming – to allow you to raise your child in a way that facilitates them remembering the divine souls that they are and that allow the primary care givers to maintain that golden connection of love that allows all to heal and grow.
And so much more including the Galactic Moon Meditations – where for joining us at the Healing Ground Collective – you can access all 26 journeys each year – each one of which works with the Moon’s energies of the moment – as we journey into deep and mystical places with wondrous mystical beings for healing and release and renewal.
This year we will re-ignite training in trauma work with Dr Tra-ill Dowie – one of the most forward-thinking exponents of trauma resolution work – available anywhere – at this time.
So we would love to have you come and join us – to experience training and processes that will allow you to remember who you are – underneath the story – to awaken to your potential and live that truthfully.

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