Forecast and reading for 2022

2022 - Entering the Eye of the Storm

Forecast and Reading by Prue Blackmore

Western Astrology

At this moment in time, we are in a cycle that will not end until 2032. There was an age-changing cycle we entered at the great conjunction that marked our entry into the age of Aquarius – 20–12-2020. And there are many other rhythms of the galaxy that are in play also – including the major influences for next year. Many timelines are collapsing and all are returning to the same outcome irrespective of their journey to now lol. This confuses all – however makes perfect sense when you look at the epoch change upon us.

By 2032 – any resemblance to anything that we take for granted now – will indeed be completely gone by then. Do not fear it – you came for it and you are ready. And for those who anticipate that it will get worse before it gets better? You are right – and that too is ok.

Will it get better? Oh yes and in ways that are hard to imagine now. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction to kick start the 2021 year began things. The Saturn-Uranus square that has influenced this entire year has its final hit on 23 December. One calls for the collapse of the corrupt and one calls for cooperative community building with diversity within unity.

As we lurch through this groundhog experience of gaslighting by government, conning by corporations and dementia by decree when it comes to stupidity – we can be reassured that everything is a cycle. It is on like donkey kong at the moment is it not dear ones lol. This too shall pass as we enter the eye of the storm [remembering there is always a backwall to come lol] and understand that we are in the process of a profound transformation and metamorphosis of consciousness that will lead to an unimaginable future – as hidden to us as is the butterfly to the caterpillar.

The planets and aspects point to challenges and lessons you have brought to this particular life by your particular moment of birth – to ensure your soul’s maximum evolution in this process. Your Sun sign is where you shine and experience being in the world. The Moon is about your maternal instincts and mother and needs you have. Your Ascendent [rising sign] is how you are in the world – for better or worse. Your Descendent is mirrored in your partner and also your enemies. North Node [Destiny] is the reincarnation level you are moving towards. Your South Node is the where you are coming from energetically and there are many lessons in both of these – they are known as the Karmic nodes for a reason.

Midheaven [MC] is your spiritual achievement – the mountain you will climb – related to career or other. Pluto is your shadow and power plays. Uranus – where and how do you rebel. Neptune – escape and boundary issues. Saturn – growing up, self sabotage and responsibility. Jupiter – generosity and largesse of life. Mars for assertion and emergency responses. Venus – sexual life, in laws, children, vanity and love. Mercury – communication and writing/speaking. Where they sit at birth and how they transit through your life is very informative for you – as their transits are for the world.

One of the most interesting astrological aspects of this decade is the Lunar Nodes from 2020 to 2030. For the past 17 months the North Node of Destiny has sat in Gemini – stimulating a karmic journey around communication, propaganda, media and the ability to see with reason. Each round lasts about 18 months generally and so is due to change next year – however the opposite placement of Sagittarius – where currently the South Node dwells – will be the home for the North Node from 24 September 2029 and will open humanities expansion of mind and philosophy exponentially. So you see there are cycles within cycles and all unfolding perfectly – so let go and trust.

What this means about the nodes – in a nutshell – is that we begin this chaotic decade believing propaganda, fake news, social media and the consummate liars of society – our politicians and will finish it – as our quest for truth expands through this decade – as we arrive with the north node in Sagittarius – where facts will surpass hearsay and genuine idealism for the greater good – will surpass wishful thinking. 

These nodes will shift by mid January 2022 onto a new axis of Taurus-Scorpio – so buckle up and more on this shortly. These signs are about power and money – safety and security – well you can understand what this will bring – more on that later. April 2022 will highlight all this. Pluto is coming to the end of its transit of authoritarian structure destruction – in Capricorn – finishing with a blaze of glory in america’s Pluto return – when all of that empire’s behaviour over the past 245 years will come home to roost in 2022 also – before it moves into Aquarius in 2023-24 for the next 18 years.

Neptune in Pisces until 2025 continues to dissolve all illusions and provoke community insanity to epidemic proportions. Along with bringing in an explosion of exploration with plant medicines and psychedelics for healing. Uranus in Taurus continues to bring profound shifts of awareness to our physical safety, food and home security, energy needs and relationship to Gaia until 2026 – in shocking ways with much more to come.

Last year saw the start of three major cycles involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto that moves us into a 200 year cycle of air transits and marks the beginning of the end of the earth cycle era along with world of capitalism and materialism. The Saturn-Uranus square continuing into 2022 will be exploded open with great ructions – with the North Node entry into Taurus. The three outer generational planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be key over the decade unfolding. Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces in 2022 begins a new cycle of change. We will start to feeling the coming effects of Pluto entering Aquarius in 2022 also.

These alignments will offer us the best opportunity to progress the cause of humanity and creativity out of the hole we have dug ourselves into – by abdication all of our power to lunatics and pirates during the Piscean age. First the corruption must be flushed and the old systems washed away permanently. If we do not manage this by the way – then what is being attempted [in an effort to control your lives forever by these monsters – the digital gulag they want to cage you all in] may well unfold in certain spheres – so it behoves us all to play our part – and not play.

Western dominance is coming to an end and the monstrous rape of the planet and the suffering of the many – for the greed of the few are over. The new networked and humane and decentralised world is coming. The weather alone is going to ensure that. The first taste of the really long winter has begun – there are record breaking snow falls commencing in September this year all over the Northern Hemisphere already – and much worse is to come. I genuinely feel great compassion for all there – as nothing is being done to prepare people for this – in the lie of global warming. This is because the United Nations agenda 21 and the WEF great reset – cynically – actually depend on 3/4s of humanity leaving the planet – leaving them a manageable slave population to meet their needs – all controlled digitally. That is their plan – they spell it out – not my words. So why would they share the information to keep people safe.

And know this for next year. Those who have the most to lose from the new world unfolding – will go to extreme lengths to hang onto their power and will generate a new world war to ensure this – my sense is that the consciousness of humanity has already risen enough not to tolerate this – however that does not mean they will not try. In the meantime they are building their bunkers all over the world where they think they will be safe in the coming decade – so they may then come out and take over.  There is genuine danger to all in their manipulations and in their control of the propaganda msm – helped by the fact that there are still a lot of humans who don’t want to see – who don’t want freedom – and whom indeed will become part of the problem for a while.

There is a spiritual metamorphosis unfolding – being played out in society in unheralded ways by those willing to grow and change within. We are at the beginning of the process – however it will last for all of this century – including the 30 years of grand solar minimum and mini ice age commencing by 2024. This includes a naturally occurring cycle of a Micro Nova from our Star that is due any time from now.

The main issues confronting us as we move into next year are as follows and these will continue ongoing with many mistakes to be made and corrections required. The economy is in freefall and will collapse – heightened by covid madness and manipulation – lockdowns and supply chain interruptions. Along with this we do have the great reset, universal income and such things attempting to be imposed.

Technology issues will be important with the 4th industrial revolution, 5 – 6G, surveillance, censorship, AI and killer robots with all that comes with it. Climate will become the only pressing issue within 2 years. Along with pollution, Category 10 storms and Ice Storms that last for weeks at a time, energy production and carbon tax [that actually mean nothing] strangleholds and the civil unrest and breakdowns that come with this will far outweigh most other dramas. And yes – our star – will bring the most powerful changes with the collapsing magnetic shield, grand solar minimum and micro nova to unfold.

Change is coming and is inevitable as the system is rotten to the core and must fall. It is all smoke and mirrors dear ones and only has as much power as you choose to give it. It is all a grand con and you can stand up and say no whenever it suits you. The more we all do this in the face of mandated poisons – mask madness and other liberties steadily stolen – the better off we all will be. Please know that while it collapses – the propaganda machine will be off the wall in madness while Neptune remains in Pisces – and this will happen in the face of all things – finances, politics, science, religions, education and medicine continue to collapse around our ears – it will literally appear quite mad so do not react. Stay Zen. Many will break through and many will breakdown – we are in the middle of the paradox at this time and it is a powerful place to be.

Over this next year there are many who will cling to the delusion and self deception – going along with the great lie – while believing they are single handedly saving the world behind their little screens – as the planet continues to be plundered by those telling the lie. Reality will arrive and the fallout for many will be catastrophic as they tear themselves to bits. Public mouthpieces will continue to encourage division and fear as mistrust grows this coming year as corruption is exposed more and more – some will be shattered by this – that is not your story – you are here to be the lighthouse in the storm if you are reading this and that is enough. The psychobabble that is being mouthed at this time is truly psychotic and that is part of the process.

We are already seeing supply chains breaking down and this will be much more significant in 2022. The price of everything will climb accordingly as we enter another round of manufactured crisis of inflation and manipulation of the system to benefit the wealthy – transferring made up paper money plucked from thin air – into real-world housing and property – as they give this non-money out and then steal the real-world assets – when it is arranged that it cannot be paid back – even though it does not exist. This will contribute to the breakdown of civilisation as trust is broken completely.

Expect the revolutionary forces rising up against covid madness to continue during 2022 and for the authoritarian regimes on the threshold of losing their power to crack down hard. This is the result of the people recognising they have been conned and swindled and when the those who have had the ‘cure’ start getting ill next year it will get much worse once they can no longer hide it by pretending it’s a new strain or the fault of those who have chosen not to have the cure. This escalation of loss of trust and associated revolutionary demands for change will continue over the next 3-4 years as great changes will be forced by the climate and the breakdown of trust in any of the institutions the corrupt have hidden behind for far too long.

And this will become inspirational over time as the brave determination of souls – pushing back against government overreach – of suppression of thought and speech, conscience and public gatherings, forced untried medical procedures and other heinous crimes – ensures that the movement will grow in momentum and contribute to the collapse of the old world. From May 2022 you will see anger, frustration and rebellion against the dying monsters rise to epic proportions. Our continued ability to grow into the light and into peace and detachment next year will allow a transcendent movement to arise also. Those who can break free of the illusions will trigger a spiritual renaissance – which will initially have to keep its head down as it works for a new world and a new way of being away from spying eyes – however once the collapse metastasises across the board the hiding will no longer be required and supportive communities will rise to work with the world in a new way.

For those who have chosen not to be part of the great experiment being conducted now – I encourage you to hold the line. Many of you will lose work and privilege for this – however there may will come a time when you will look back and understand you kept you and your loved ones safe – in a way that cannot be replicated by those who were bullied into it. Trust me you will be needed one day. I feel powerful compassion for those who have gone down that road – especially those who have spruiked it and had such judgement for those who chose other – for the journey ahead may become very difficult indeed over the next 2 years. And there is no way that I have found yet to undo it. There are ways of moderating its effects or slow them down – but the process has begun indeed.

And what should have been a two-year plague – like all other plagues on the planet – will have been extended by all this, up to 4 years – which means it will still be unfolding when Saturn makes its two and a half year transit through Pisces commencing in 2023 – the key notes of which will impact on those born in the 60’s and will impact on all planetary religions – including the religion of capitalism and covid being fed to the people. Pisces rules the soul and Saturn is Karma – there will be a lot played out and very badly for some during those years until 2026. Again the long cold winter coming to the northern hemisphere this year will add terribly to this.

So there are many influences coming this year ahead – from transits to conjunctions, eclipse cycles and shifts into new signs by the major planets – retrogrades and squares. There are interesting changes and times of power and certainly the year from September on in 2022 – will indeed be powerful and challenging. We will cover these – fortnight by fortnight – with the Moon Meditations throughout the year – so this is just to give you an overview of what is unfolding. We will – after major things of interest here – go onto what will unfold in the year of the Black Yang Water Tiger commencing in February – of Chinese astrology – along with first announcements for our annual Feng Fest to be held at the Duke of Brunswick – which will also be able to watch on line for those who cannot make the day later – so you can all be ready to set up your home and business for health, wealth and happiness. We will also do the numerology for 2022 at the end. 

So a couple of main events for now. Jupiter enters Pisces on the 28th December until May 10th 22 then retrogrades back into Capricorn until October 28th 22 until December 20th 22. Having been bound in cycle with Saturn for the past two years Jupiter – the great beneficent – comes home to Pisces – last sign of the Zodiac – with expansion of our intuition, creative artistry, ability to travel the realms and mysticism understood as the Soul rises and empathy and compassion rise with it. It also facilitates us spending more time alone – with ourselves – to recoup and recentre ourselves. Because of other alignments with Saturn et al during this period of the recent past we have been made aware that the technology that was meant to free us has been used for surveillance and coercion and the techno tyrants have arisen. 

In the last sign of the Zodiac – it feels as though something big is coming to an end now and we can step back and reflect on all that has passed. Connected to the 12th house which rules all things secretive and occult it indicates that much may be exposed that needs clearing for the forward movement of all. Neptune [ruler of Pisces] is also here and they officially conjunct in transit on 12 April 2022 at 23 degrees and with both behemoths here – all of these energies are going to become supercharged and will sweep the world in compassion and love and a strong desire to be free of the parasites that have fed off humanity for far too long.

In February Jupiter also makes interesting alignments with both Uranus in Taurus and then again Pluto in Capricorn in May and these energies over extended periods are gifting us the ability to make the necessary and unconventional changes that will be required in building a new world. It all helps with transforming and changing and personal power as we all train ourselves to come back to the self and the here and now. Through us it then flows into the world we are creating.

And then from October’s end when Jupiter re-enters Pisces and Mars stations retrograde in hard aspects in line with a solar eclipse in Scorpio around the same time – bringing a rather explosive mess at the end of the year. Aggression and emotional intensity with all this will be challenging for all. The rest of the year will need to be danced carefully through to stay detached and Zen as more shocks come in.

One of the things that will change a lot next year is the climate. The new age we entered last year completed a 200 year earth cycle of alignments – which marked the age of capitalism and the rape of the Earth in earnest – and had us usher in a 200 year [and beyond] Air cycle. This is all about particles and waves and the explosion of technology and inventions that are coming now to completely rewrite the way we utilise energy and where we get it from – will have us all living with a free source of energy for all within a generation. Internal combustion engines will be long gone. And this will come not from corporate monsters who have had much technology for a green and clean world – hidden from humankind for a long time.

The climate of global cooling is here. The warm period we have been in for the past 10 thousand years is what has been the anomaly in the past 100 thousand years – it is just with our very short life spans – we have no collective memory of it – except the disaster periods that happen every 13 thousand years [yes we are due the next one now] – and man has nothing to do with it. The delusions of grandeur here are staggering. We are responsible for the rape and pillage of the environment and the greatest mass extinction event going on in the fastest time ever – but the climate? That is down to the Sun – period. You know that massive yellow light in the sky that occupies 99.98% of all the mass in the Solar system lol.

Many humans will be on the move next year. Escaping economic, climate, social and other dramatic changes and looking to get out of cities and set up in communities in hopefully safer places. Lives are dramatically changing – some in profound ways, leaving situations that have lost their usefulness and no longer work. Tech companies are ramping up their appalling weapons of echo chambers and hate that are destroying young lives as information becomes increasingly weaponised. Remember to hold the line for the old system must collapse for the new to emerge powerfully.

Remember also that we are the descendants of those who survived such calamitous events before us and the grand news is that this 13 thousand year Yuga we are entering now is a feminine waking yuga – and during that whole time to unfold from now – we will continue to grow more into the full relationship with our spirit.

The earth’s climate continues to increase in electric current charge – and this is always associated with higher mortality from a variety of reasons – floods and famines, heart and head problems, pestilence et al – you all know what it is like when the hot winds blow – filled with positive ions – and how incredibly irritable it can make you – buckle up basically. Deaths will climb. It also contributes powerfully to the storm activity – atmospheric rivers – changes in the ocean currents – earthquakes and volcanoes – all heavily influenced by increased electricity in the system – driven by a massive uptick in gamma rays hitting earth since 2018.

The coronavirus pandemic that began in late 2019 and continues to this day – will extend into 2022 and possibly well beyond due to the natural cycle disruption to such things caused by the mass vaccinations. Also if the pundits are right about what this spike protein will do to humans over the next few months – then the adverse effect the mass vaccinations are going to have on people may be much worse in the long term than the pandemic itself. And the vaccine-produced wave will arrive in 2022. My sense is to avoid the experimental gene manipulation going on at the moment and instead to use existing treatments and re-purposed drugs to battle the coronavirus itself – while encouraging people to strengthen their immune systems in the usual wonderful manner.

The lunar nodes changing axis from Gemini-Sagittarius to the fixed Taurus- Scorpio axis in mid January 22 [as mentioned above] will bring an 18 month change in society as we know it. It is a time of endings and beginnings. It will impact on the geopolitical and the economy of the world and with Taurus all about survival and issues of security and safety – health and finances – food and weather – and with Uranus here for several more years – you can see which way this is heading.

It will be a confusing time for some and a clarifying position for others. We will look at issues of what are our values and worth in relationship to significant others – how much is theirs and how much is ours. How much do we live through others and the need for their approval. This is not a time of peace but can be quite intense as we work out what is important to us – how do we depend on ourselves – how do we measure our own worth through our own creation – how do we support ourselves more – how do we find the balance.

Lunar nodes are very primal and very deep and about our fears and survivals as we work through the karma associated with them. In the Taurus-Scorpio position this will be applied through scarcity and the anticipation of lack of safety. The north node is what we are embracing and moving towards and the south node is what we are releasing and learning from. Taurus throat chakra embrace is about finding simplicity, honesty, being here now, divine human connection, being real and making your own way. About speaking your truth and finding the balance between the spiritual and the material.  Scorpio base chakra release is about letting go of manipulation, weaponised sex and emotions, secrets and paranoia, relying on others for money and resources. Release of the ego’s masks as we learn all we need is within. Also we are likely to see poisoned water and air, nuclear accident, or exposure of criminal activities re chemical pollution that could lead to a dramatic shift in consumer outrage and behaviour.

In 2022, as stated, the first half is favourable to get things done and the second half not so. Dominated during this period by Jupiter and Neptune who for the most part will have a very strong energy in Pisces. Here they rule medicine, oil and gas, arts, space, virtual reality, psychedelics and mind exploration and the ocean. We can be assured that Jupiter’s presence here will assure that precipitation – lots of it – will be high on the agenda. Floods will be huge and frequent with both Jupiter and Neptune here and it will also impact earthquakes and volcanoes. With Neptune ruling the arts we will see incredible films and music evolve – art work and any with a space or maritime theme will be popular. The legalisation of many mind altering substances will take place with Neptune here, so plants, vines and mushrooms will take their place in the world where they belong.

In truth the year of 2022 will be a year of massive changes. A time of revolution and reconstruction and transformation. It will spread across the world and no one will escape its effects so make it work for you. There will be a genuine huge upsurge in technology and much that has been kept hidden from humanity will be revealed finally and will be a lot to do with energy and will be profoundly useful – leading to much anger as to the reality it has been kept hidden for greed and profit at the expense of real lives across the world.  Physical wars will become redundant but cyber wars will increase and control of the cyberspace will become more important than the control of territory. This is very Aquarian of course and this same energy and placements this year will lead to rises in AI technology, robots, implants and many devices to be implanted into the human brain for enhancement. Depending on your viewpoint.

So we have looked at some of the major influences. Another point of interest for you all is that in April Jupiter and Neptune will meet at 23 degrees in Pisces. This particular conjunction – where the planet of expansion and growth comes against the planet of escapism and alternate realities. The last time these behemoths met in Pisces like this was in 1856 and before that in 1690 – so a rare occurrance indeed. And one made for spiritual awakening. It will be interesting to see what skills people develop at this time. The other side of this is a grand delusion of an epic kind – the mass psychosis unfolding may get dramatically worse. The spiritually evolved should flourish under this however. We are all well overdue for what this can bring at this time. We need to be mindful of religion [delusion] making a comeback at this time for it will not help anyone now. This is also a supernatural or magical alignment so we can expect the pagan religions and practices to flourish now and to influence fashion and art as well.

That alignment will be exactly at 23 degrees Pisces.

So it will be worth it for you to see what and where you have things in any of the signs at 23 degrees. What is interesting is that at the exact same time we find North Node in 23 degrees Taurus and South Node in 23 degrees Scorpio. Other things are at play here as well of course. Where you have things at 23 degrees in any house or any sign will be worthy of note. Trines are formed here – other realities – it will be a most interesting month indeed.

Everything landing here in this way means the likelihood is that on a mundane or global level – much will be revealed about money deception – child sex slavery – all things South Node in Scorpio – it will be interesting to see what unfolds. What it will do is offer us the potential to break the strangle hold the dark has overall humanity with its stifling laws on partnerships and marriages and the global money laundering rackets built on child sexual slavery and all forms of prostitution and pornography – which is just more of the same. Post this with the strong spirit rising theme may well mean a return to sex as sacred and Tantra to return to common embrace. Also expect women to rise up in greater numbers than can actually be resisted – to demand change. And our understanding and embrace of quantum realities and multi dimensional reality to advance powerfully.

In May – when Jupiter shifts from Pisces into belligerent Aries until October we can expect a rise in hostilities around the world to go hand in hand with the above. During this time we can expect many more fires to break out around the world causing many ecological disasters and losses of life. Then in August we can expect things to get much darker as Mars rises here in a way that will bring confrontation for the rest of the year. The split will widen in many ways between the increasingly enlightened and those determined to attempt to hold onto an old way of being and power. New diseases are again made possible with this – or new strains that have been generated by the vaccines. Remember that when you block the virus with a vaccine it will adapt to move around it – that simple really. This is a time when the republicans in america and trump may well rally – causing further tilts towards civil war there.

As Uranus continues its journey through Taurus we can continue to see all things security – food, work, finances, health, hearth related to continue to rise. Countries experiencing economic instability will see rising tides of revolutionary energy or collapse of systems into chaos. The resistance of all people against tyrannical governments will continue to rise as revolution gets closer and closer. China and Russia are likely to grow in power as america falls in power. As Saturn and Uranus continue to clash in 2022 there will be much to rebuild. The Pluto return for america activating on the 4th July 2022 will bring a powerful cosmic alchemy for upheaval and change and this will affect the whole world greatly as it is a global power for good or ill. Thirteen months later Pluto will enter Aquarius for the first time since 1797.

This last transit was a powerful time for the industrial revolution and the age of enlightenment and this time it will impact hugely on the financial system of the planet as it heralds changes to the technological, industrial economies and in reality tears them down separating them back from corporations and governments into the hands of the people. All Pluto transits in Aquarius are about emancipation of humanity and this one will be financial.

Year of the Black Water Tiger

On 1st February 2022, we enter the Year of the Black Water Tiger. The tiger is unpredictable and untouchable so we can expect some pretty dramatic possibilities for the year ahead. The water energy in it’s yang form here can be very determined and is the main source of energy this year. It is hectic and energetic with a determination to win – but will play fair to the main point – aggression to gain can also be an issue.

Basically, we can expect major challenges and changes in the year ahead for all signs of the Chinese horoscope. It is a risk-taking year with the risk of losing all and the risk of winning big on equal offer – do your homework and play fair and all should be well.

This year of the Black Water Tiger symbolises determination, spontaneity, enthusiasm and is a year of strength and growth. It is also a good year to release the storms of the past, to heal wounds and stand up and be counted in a society where that may not have been possible before. Adversity is on offer here along with unforeseen changes and surprising developments. However if all signs give their best it can be a good year to improve living conditions – significantly – however you may need to take a few risks to achieve it.

This year may require revisiting battles you thought were done and dusted, and deferring projects for a greater goal – we can expect to see large advances in technology, medical procedures and advances in mind-bending psychology with surprising results – except to those spiritual healers who have been working with this for decades.

The theme basically is to step back from the emotional intensity of this year. In relationships as well as business. This will allow a more objective viewing of things and to gain greater depth and transparency in whatever is unfolding. This stepping back from the emotion – holding the here and now reality facilitates the action and willpower that are also at play this year. Keywords for this year are calm, balance and moderation in judgement – cultivate this for the year ahead.

The Water Tiger energies are known for purification – to release things from their impurities or stagnations – to move forward and this will be very beneficial this year with all that needs to fall. The yang signs of the Zodiac – Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog – can be more impulsive and voluntary to – with rigor and application – achieve their objectives with great success. Those with the Yin polarity – Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster, Pig – must be prepared to put in a lot of effort – to not be discouraged at pitfalls and to know that by remaining focused and ethical and altruistic – they too can have remarkable career, health and family success. Self-control is the key.

The main lucky colours this year are Blue for negotiations, job applications, communications. Green for new careers, housing, new starts in general. Red for romance and birthing and yellow for real estate and wealth transfer or transmission. White and Gold are to bring balance this year. For health it will be a good year for all signs to monitor their kidneys and urinary tract issues.


The Year of the Tiger is a powerful year to re-initiate a programme that has sat on the back burner for a while. Also new and original ideas are likely to be very successful also. Any projects that are for the greater good will do well also.

Publishing and writing and psychology are favoured as are ocean projects, fish farming, drinking water, ports, species protection and economical and less polluting, energy, creation for the markets. It is a year for change – careers, projects – all of it. And if you work hard at this you can make some serious money in the second half of the year. Even from a hobby you have been playing with for some time. This is not a get rich quick year but trust, following your instincts and having a certain joie de vivre about life will help a lot.

And know also in a Tiger year that anything that is not in the best interests of ecology or the environment – dams, mining, deforestation – will not do well and will face more than the usual challenges. There will be many changes in this coming year where fortune favours the brave and great heights from very little can be reached and great lows can be plummeted to from great heights if you are not coming from an egalitarian place. Be mindful this year – many opportunities and also many pitfalls.

Politics and Society

Suffice it to say that this will be a year of tumultuous changes and a lot of very frightening sudden events. In the Year of the Tiger it is a given that corrupt and inept leaders will artificially trigger all kinds of events, “dangers” and “ooooh look over there” lies and distortions to hide their own shortcomings and corruptions from being exposed. In this Year of 2022 and the Black Water Tiger such manipulations will backfire as the citizenry is much more vigilant in all countries to the great lie being told to keep humanity enslaved. Such things will no longer be tolerated or swept under the carpet anymore and the inequality of the world highlighted by the “pandemic” will lead to great social disruption as the pitchforks are taken out and sharpened.

In a Black year of chinese astrology the time is synonymous with tensions, struggles and rebellions. In this year these dark energies may lead to conflict over resources like oil, gas, rare minerals and water. Fortunately the water element and the powers of the Tiger energy of analysis and adaptation – the worst of this may be avoided – it depends on how brutal the corrupt governments around the world owned and run by corporations are prepared to be.


This is a year of increased energetic support for the family and human relationships, the ability of societies members to pull together for social integrity beyond the ruling pirates – it is a time for idealism and protective serenity where selfishness and greed are rejected more powerfully than ever. This is a year to focus on the family and bring it together around serious issues that require collaboration to find concrete solutions. This matters for in this year also – differences within the family can be met with cool disinterest. Romantic liaisons that begin this year are less likely to stand the test of time so bear that in mind if single and ensure you have your eyes wide open if dating.

It will either be over the top romance or revulsion in a very short period of time.

For long term couples it will be easier with better communications and increased understanding so overall it is good. It is also a good year to heal heartbreak and allowance to put things in perspective and see life on the other side again.

Not a great year for Monkeys to have a baby and those most favoured this year for parenting are those born in the year of the Horse, Dog and Pig.

In terms of health kidneys and urinary tracts are requiring maintenance and early intervention with any difficulties and it is a good year to do all the things you do to stay optimally healthy but overall there are not indications of severe health issues.

So all in all an interesting year ahead in which Tiger impetuosity may lead to many wild adventures for better or worse. However the water theme brings an intuitive intelligence and a capacity for healing the mind. With a professional discipline and an awareness of the intensity and pitfalls of social engagement – the worst of the volatility can be avoided. Stay focused on the prize and keep the family unit together this year where possible as this black astrology can also mean collective human dramas and natural [or man made] disasters.

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Numerology - Universal Year 6

This year – after the profound year of change a no 5 year brings – is a year of family. Last year was all about our own survival – this one is all about our families’ survival and what we will do to protect them. We can go in either extreme however this year is about love and balance and a growing sense of duty to your family and tribe and community. Your priorities will change significantly this year – in ways that are hard to predict so don’t try.

And like the lioness in the jungle you must take care of yourself first – powerfully – in order to be able to take care of your tribe. This year you will be called on to be much more self sufficient and self secure. It is time to find your place in the world in a new way and adjustments and sacrifices will be required as you encourage the self reliance in others around you. Others will require compassion and patience and understanding as you move past them. You can’t save everyone – understand this. Guilt and fear cannot be your motivators – you must step up and let go.

This year the emphasis is love and includes partnering, children, families, parents, the home, healing, education, creativity and security. It is all about you this year and you must reach for this from the heart – absolutely – and all fear based control, guilt, hate and manipulation – cannot rule any longer. You will fall if you cannot shift that. Our fear of losing love is what leaves us open to manipulation and this year it is important to understand you cannot lose what you already are.

Trust that you have evolved and it is time to let go of the habits of the past and become the new you. Do not make promises you can’t keep, don’t take on responsibility for things that aren’t yours, accept that your healing is up to you and you are ready. For health and healing are major themes also this year of No 6. What is fascinating in this 6 year is that it is often when symptoms arise for us to find the cause and let go – after a year of the genetic experiment this year may be very telling in what emerges.

Know when to help and know when to say No – responsibilities will rise this year and you are not in a position to take care of things that are not yours – simply bless it all – whatever it is – and move on.

New possibilities will emerge this year as people seek their right place in the world they are creating. It will be a place that brings a strong sense of belonging. Businesses from home unfold – relationships and circumstances are seen with a much clearer eye. Long lost peeps can pop up as things are renewed or healed or released finally.

Justice becomes more broad based as you realise that as go the weakest of us – go we all. That all peeps must try their hand at the helm. Emotions will run hot and cold over this – high and low and blame and victim consciousness will abound and you must not play that game anymore. For whatever position you are in – you are caught in the polarity and that will no longer work for anyone – as we rise into this year of love and tribe.

It is time to review, accept, understand, forgive all parties and let go. Denial is no longer an option – pleaser understand this.

This year on Gaia it is imperative that you release your confected conception of what it is to be a good member of society. The world is manipulated by monsters with their puppets in charge and all ‘society’ is – is the program to keep you shackled and ashamed. The lie of the meritocracy. It has brought the world to the edge of ruin and humanity as close to a mass psychosis as has not been seen since the Nuremberg rallies with hitler and the witch-burning horror before that. There is not one single soul on this beautiful planet who is capable of determining what is truth for you or to mandate the direction of your life. Know this. Seek no-one’s approval but your own as you find your own truth. This free will and personal responsibility.

Any education that involves personal pursuit and personal discovery will flourish for that is what this year is about. People can point you in a direction but the path is yours and yours alone. Understand that you genuinely know nothing about anything and you will begin the path this year well. There is a powerful energy of magnetism in a 6 year so focus your mind well. Keep it away from anger and fear and inadequacy for it will flow to you more easily this year if you do. Focus your mind on health, wealth, family and happiness and that is what you will manifest. Break your mind open from the negative habits you were trained with.

Be mindful of your motivations for doing anything. If you are feeling resentful, guilty, or anxious – then you are operating out of the program – not love. You have only one responsibility now – to respond to what makes your heart sing – if you are doing anything and your heart is not singing for the joy of it – step back and re-examine what you are doing and why. Learn to say no and not feel guilty – it matters this year. Then all that you do will flow from love and grace. Balance is the key – it restores, rejuvenates, renovates and rises.

You are on the homeward journey now of power and priority and of learning the truth of who and what you are and what you desire. It is a healing journey of filling the gaps between genders, generations, geopolitics and the class warfare that has – in its terrible lie – had you turn on each other rather than those who manipulate you with such blatant cruelty and disdain. It is the Journey of love.

This is the Universal Year of 6. To find your own year number – for the year ahead – simply add the day you were born to the month you were born and to the year 2022.

For example if you were born on 24th of the 12th then your number is the same as this year coming.

2+4+1+2+2+0+2+2 = 15 = 6

If born on the 25th of the 3rd month then your number is as follows: 2+5+3+2+0+2+2 = 16 =7

If born on the 31st of the 12th then your number is as follows: 3+1+1+2+2+0+2+2 = 13 = 4

See how it works?

When you calculate what your number is you can look up what it means for you to be in that year.

I use a wonderful system based on the Chaldean system of Numerology – the Chaldeans taught the Essenes – the Essenes taught Christ his ministry – the Vedic system is an offshoot of the Chaldean one.

More to come in 2022 ...

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We are continuing to work with Dr. Tra-ill Dowie with the Three Pillar approach to Trauma training – dancing around restrictions as best we can and the next module of this training will be on offer early next year.

In 2022 we will also be offering in-person and online training in a practical skillset of tools to enhance working in transpersonal paradigms for healing – all of this based in Shamanic visionary practice – madly working on this currently and we are very excited to be offering this.

We also have programs facilitating profound rewriting of how you approach life and make the adjustments needed in powerfully changing times – giving you the map for the territory – Being on the Frontier – are on offer. A new intake will be starting next year – following the initiatory one still unfolding currently and this is offered online and via zoom.

And so much more besides – including the Galactic Moon Meditations – where for joining us there – you can access all 26 journeys – each one of which works with the Moons energies as we journey into deep and mystical places with wondrous mystical beings for healing and release and renewal.

Prue has worked in the field of psychiatry and mental health for over 30 years now and brings an eclectic and wide variety of techniques that facilitate clearing of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms of the psyche and the problems that arise therein.

Working with all facets of existence from conception to dying and death Prue has developed powerful and effective tools that allow clients to get to the source of their current issue and move them out of the field to restore balance to themselves and the worlds they are creating and co-creating with others.

Weaving many years of experience and training in psychiatry, cognitive behavioural therapy, principles of transactional analysis, energetic processes and healing from shamanic practice, shadow work, and deep immersion into the realms of the psyche in transpersonal paradigms – in the service of her clients.

This work moves deeply entrenched patterns of thinking and behaviour, emotional overload in the face of crisis and existential issues of meaning and issues of hopelessness and despair that can arise in the face of this – out of the daily aspects of daily life – her work is deep and efficacious.

You can contact Prue on 0419 819 089 for individual sessions, in-person or online or at

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”

doesn’t make any sense.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.” 


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  1. You are amazing Prue. I’ve found a lot of solace reading your writings over the last months especially, and you make a lot of sense. Thank you for keeping on pushing into that paradigm, wherever it leads you, and thank you for spreading your knowledge and wisdoms out to the winds of the future. You are an inspiration.

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