Healing Ground Collective

The Freedom To Be Your Self

What we do

We help all who come here to remember the limitless and authentic power of what it is to be an awakened human.

Our Practitioners

Practitioners facilitating healing, self-empowerment and personal transformation

Courses and Training

Our learning programs and teaching philosophy embrace the transpersonal framework


As you flourish, so does our community


About us

The Healing Ground Collective brings together practitioners of healing, health and wellbeing, educators and researchers, trainers and facilitators – bringing knowledge and experience to all facets of the breadth of human experience – for growth and movement towards becoming our authentic selves. Awake, empowered and peaceful in whatever world we are creating.

Our services includes individual support with practitioners across the spectrum of healing for the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual experience as we move through this life from birth to death. We also provide group training, online courses and other seasonal ceremonial experiences all designed to help you heal and grow – maximising your potential – in a world of rapid and unsettling change.

We are connecting and evolving for humanity.

Why join us?

You will have access to practitioners, trainers and educators who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of maximising human potential. Through tried and true, evidenced-based methods plus innovative and creative-models and modules of learning, you will be exposed to a variety of programs that will allow you to discover your authentic self.

Acknowledgment of Country

The Healing Ground Collective work and live upon the sovereign Lands of the Kaurna People and we acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Custodians of this Land and its surrounding regions.


 The Healing Ground Collective recognises the intergeneration impact of colonisation and disposition of Land that has and continues to have on all First Nations Peoples today – and we declare our commitment to working towards reconciliation, deep listening and truth-telling. Always was always will be.

On the Ground


Monthly blog with guest bloggers


Feng Fest 2022 – Sat 15 January

Feng Fest will provide information on how to prepare your home, office and business for protection against the flying bad luck stars of the year ahead and also information on how to enhance the flying good luck stars.

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